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NyrNyr Community Contributor, Veteran

I don't have any kind of relationship with this provider, but looks like a very interesting offer so I wanted to share it anyway.

200 GB storage 3 TB transfer 1 GB RAM

Promocode: L25
Price: 19.75 PLN = 6.48 USD

Parent company is and looks like they had been in business since 2005.

Control panel is HyperVM and I assume this is OpenVZ. 100 mbit pipe and looks like they allow torrents, although the TOS/AUP are missing from the website. Not sure if those machines are on any kind of RAID either. VAT is not removed automatically if you qualify.

Probably @BackupFTP can clarify all those points :)


  • TarZZ92TarZZ92 Member
    edited May 2014

    hmmmm... "(Error code: ssl_error_access_denied_alert)" @BackupFTP

  • fitvpnfitvpn Member

    Polish takes VAT from everyone even not a EU citizen

  • NyrNyr Community Contributor, Veteran

    Oh, yeah, didn't remember about it.

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