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Need Dallas & UK VPS
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Need Dallas & UK VPS

HI everyone,

I'm in the market for some cheap vps. Listed below is what I currently have and how much I'm paying. If you can get close or above and not far off the price range, please forward me an offer.

OpenVZ VPS Single IP address CentOS 64bit
60GB hard disk
2GB memory (could probably use less as long as it's burstable and upgradable and 1GB is guaranteed)
3TB bandwidth (free incoming)
1GB uplink
I do not require any special control panel other than the ability to remote reboot, console, etc. (no cpanel, ssl or whatever)
Paying $40 per year annually paid in advance.
ipv6 would be nice but not necessary at this stage

OpenVZ VPS Single IP address CentOS 64bit
50GB hard disk
1GB memory
1TB bandwith (would prefer 2TB)
1GB uplink
4vcpus (I did have 2 but had slowness and they increased to 4 - would be fine with 2vcpus here)
ipv6 (on again, off again - it's currently broken but ipv6 would be nice here)
Same as above on control panel
$40 per year annually paid in advance.

I'm not hooked on OpenVZ so am open to other virtualization methods.

I'm a 20+ year Linux/Unix admin so you'll find I take care to troubleshoot on my end before hitting up support and I'm always being asked to recommend VPS solutions so I would like a place I'd be happy to recommend to others.

I'm looking to get moved over to my new VPS provided within a week or two so will be moving pretty quick. Please provide both Dallas and UK IP addresses.



  • SunnSunn Member

    I have Dallas, Texas KVM VPS, for the same price as OpenVZ.

    Note: This offer only applies to you.

    Thanked by 1Nelgin
  • NelginNelgin Member

    I'd rather use the same company for both Dallas and UK servers. Go ahead and send me an ip address to test pings/traceroute against anyway. I'm going to wait a few days before I start making my short list.

  • SunnSunn Member

    @Nelgin said:

    I have Pm'ed you the IPV4 address.

  • crdnlcrdnl Member

    Prolly gunna get flamed for this.
    I believe that ChicagoVPS still has a deal doing on for 30$m for Dallas.

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