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Upgrade Debian to newest dot release?
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Upgrade Debian to newest dot release?

zserozsero Member

I've been very happy running host-configured minimal Debian 6/7 templates, but now that on iwstack I have the option of using my custom iso, I started wondering if there is any point using the latest Debian netinst (7.5 as of today), instead of using the 7.1 provided.

My question is that is there any difference between a 7.5 installed vs a 7.1 upgraded system? I'd guess that all packages will be updated to the same version, but what happens with the kernel (in KVM)? Does the kernel also get automatically upgraded to the latest dot release versions? Do I need to use dist-upgrade or it's the same with upgrade?


  • The Wheezy 7.5 iso will have up-to-date versions of packages on the iso. In the case of the netinst iso, only the very base system is included on the disc. So even if you use the 7.1 iso, the installer will make sure everything is updated once you answer yes to using a network mirror.

    The only real difference between using the 7.1 and 7.5 isos is the installer will have more packages to update during the install using 7.1.

    If you have more than 1 install to do or think it might take multiple time it's probably worth it to download 7.5 iso. But the only downside to using 7.1 iso is a bit more downloading time during the install.

  • zserozsero Member

    So if I take a template made using 7.1 and upgrade it, it'll be the same as installing a new one from 7.5 ISO, including the kernel. Is that right?

  • Pretty much. If you're starting from a template provided by your host it's hard to say what changes they might have made. But in general installing 7.5 and upgrading from 7.1 will have the same result.

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