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How to test vps upload speed
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How to test vps upload speed

sandrosandro Member
edited September 2011 in General

Everybody knows how to test the download speed of a VPS with a simple wget command.
But how to test the upload speed instead? My home connection goes up to 7mbit max so it would be useless to download from my vps.

Thank you


  • vedranvedran Veteran
    edited September 2011

    If you have more than one VPS, you can test download/upload between them. Or put a test file on your VPS and post a link here, someone will test it

    Thanked by 1sandro
  • I do have another one! I actually never thought about it :)

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited September 2011

    Install rtorrent, give it a popular but older torrent (Kingdom Hearts is what's suggested on one of the file sharing sites I monitor), turn off any limits and see how high it'll go.

    edit: Not an official test but you'll see how fast you can get it to go and what the load is while doing so.

  • drmike, you can get kicked out pretty quickly as many hosts forbid any kind of torrenting and even more forbid seeding torrents.

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited September 2011

    Around here, seems like only a few hosts don't allow torrenting.

    even more forbid seeding torrents.

    That's why you get an older torrent as older torrents aren't usually monitored. Just run the single torrent for a bit by itself and see what you get.

    Not talking 24/7. An hour or so would be fine.

  • Interesting idea

  • OMG mike, you are walking in dangerous places...

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