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25% Off UK VPSs with LEB Code

unixguruunixguru Member
edited May 2012 in Offers

UnixGuru VPSs

UK VPSs from £2per month (when purchased over three years)

Gigabit NICs

25% Off your first purchase with the following code:


Self Service VPSs, with Control Panel

Low End Boxes (OpenVZ)

£ 3 => VPS-128 => Memory:128MB, Disk: 5GB, Transfer: 100GB, CPU Cores: 1 (0.6Ghz)
£ 4 => VPS-256 => Memory: 256MB, Disk: 10GB, Transfer: 200GB, CPU Cores: 1 (1.3 GHz)

Choose your OS: CentOS 5/6, Ubuntu 10/11, Debian 6 or SuSE 11/12.

Control Panel (via the Client Portal) allow the customer access to
Start, Stop, Reboot, Re-Install, Reset Password, Upgrade automatically.
Full Usage Graphs (CPU/Load, Memory & Bandwidth)


  • AsimAsim Member

    I really cant tell if its OpenVZ or XEN or KVM or VMWare

  • yomeroyomero Member

    Loving the ... 7, 9 up to 14! Ghz!... lol ¬¬

  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    3 years comittment?

  • TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
    edited May 2012

    You obviously haven't been around this community too long if you are trying to get longer than month to month commitments. I am hoping people are learning to avoid this around here... You may have a good company and great intentions of being around in 3 years... but who knows for sure.. This community has gone through a lot of pump-and-dump companies offering good deals at long commitment and then run off with the clients money and no services. If you want to advertise a special I urge you to do so with a month-to-month offer. I also urge people to exercise caution when making longer than month-to-month purchases, especially with new comers to this forum.

    Do not get me wrong, I know nothing of this company, good or bad, but that is also why I am offering these words of concern about the offer above. Good luck to your business, and I hope you do stay around for the years to come.

    Anyone who has used this company have reviews... might add to the credibility of the 3 year offerings......

    Also, what UK network (Data center) are you using, do you have a test ip, test download file? Companies who actually colo and own their machines will get a lot more credit when offering longer commitments. Example, If you are just renting server from BustNet in .UK how can you tell me that you won't forget to pay next month, etc.. These types of answers will lend more credibility to you offer.

    Thanked by 2raindog308 earl
  • We've been selling hosting for 13 years, granted we've hosted for companies who used our consultant services, and only opened to the "public" 3 years ago, but this technology is comodity, so we are selling technical expertise not tin, obviously at the £3/month end of the market, which is what this forum is about, you are not looking at taking consulting or advise, but who knows, if your project grows, you might.
    We do not have our own DataCentre, as depending on the complexity and SLA we can host our customers at OVH, UKFast, IO-Mart or RackSpace, we use various CDNs.
    These are SolusVM boxes, which are hosted from OVH in France, this gives us a good price point, allows us to set up new nodes at very short notice as boxes don't get overloaded.
    We are not as cheap as other companies, because we do not pack as many people onto our servers as these others do, and we believe in making a profit, so we are here in 3 years time.
    We believe that if we were to pack more people onto boxes, people would have more issues, taking up more support time, which as £3 a month should equate to minutes, to remain profitable. It is because of time vs profit and lets face it we all want an easy time, us (the provider) and you (the customer), that we make these decisions.
    As a result as we have a very low churn rate which we are proud of.
    Obviously I can understand why at £3 a month, it doesn't make sense to take out a three year commitment, because you are not taking 25 dedi's and don't get a good discount rate, but why not offer it.
    If people take out long term purchases it stabilises the income stream for us, as we only commute the monthly amount from our cash holding account into our bank each month. This allows us to keep paying for the servers month after month.
    We've never had to explain ourselves quite this much before, but hopefully it will give people a good understanding of who we are and what we do.

  • Oh yes, our company is ran by a bunch of System Administrators, we don't have a designer or copyrighter, so forgive our grammer and techie writing style. We are excited by what we do, not by how great (or not) our website looks.
    Hence we have a Wordpress website (not a WHMCS template)

  • TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
    edited May 2012

    OK, so now I know you do not participate here on the forum, for several reasons:

    These are SolusVM boxes, which are hosted from OVH in France, this gives us a good price point, allows us to set up new nodes at very short notice as boxes don't get overloaded.
    1. OVH France IS NOT UK, so this offer in its whole is mis-advertising your product, you say the VPS is in the UK.

    2. Renting servers from OVH is cheap, and most anyone can do it, in fact we have tens of providers here offering VPS's from servers in OVH, and if you look around it has become frowned upon because you the service provider are renting the servers, not owning them your self. Who says you will actually pay your bill next month after I pay you for 3 years of service, I can not know for sure you will be here a month from now when your renting your servers.

    3. It is great you have been in business for many years, in that case why are you not hosting your vps servers in your own infrastructure, I would think a business that has been around for 13 years would have its own setup and wouldn't need to rent budget servers.

    4. You Still have not posted a Test IP or Testfile Download link. (I suspect you were trying to avoid people figuring out it was a OVH server instead of your supposed UK VPS)

    5. These VPS offered are un-managed, so even if your the most skilled Administrators in the world, the hope would be at this price point, unless I am paying you for managed services, that I will never really experience these skills outside of your ability to maintain the server. This would mean more if I were purchasing a managed service. Anyone can install an OpenVZ server with the solusvm install package these days, especially on an OVH box.

    6. If you knew this forum better you would have spent more time putting together this offer, because most of the stuff I have mentioned above you would already know. You would also know this community takes VPS seriously and know about these types of offers as we have seen many of them.

    In short, this advertisement is dishonest. You say in the offer the VPS is in UK, then in your description above state the VPS is in OVH. You say you have been in business 13 years, yet again you are using OVH instead of purchasing your own servers. You start your first offer here by trying to get users to commit to a 3 year deal, this is generally frowned upon. You also have yet to post a test ip and test download link.

    Please invest some time into your next offer before you post it, and I would encourage you to update this offer as it stands to reflect the correct information.

    Good Luck.

  • Thank you for your advise, we'll take it all onboard.

    It was not our intention to be dishonest, and we shall be more careful in future, to spell out that the IPs are marked UK, rather than the services physically being in the UK.

    We'll work on the test IPs etc for the next time!

    I'm sorry, but the 24hrs have past to allow me to go back and edit the above advert.

  • TaylorTaylor Member

    @unixguru said: IPs are marked UK, rather than the services physically being in the UK.

    Thats dreadful, your name should be tarnished for this.

  • TaylorTaylor Member

    @unixguru said: This is somthing OVH do

    But they sell it like it is, not try and pretend the server is some where its not.

  • I don't suppose it will make any difference now that all the above has happened, but here is a Test IP and download test files.

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