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edited September 2011 in Providers

Has anyone ever heard or been with them?
There 64mb plan(in NL) is what im looking for..


  • Thanks,

    Was hoping a customer could post i/o speed etc.
    I've scrapped that idea now, unless someone can tell me how incredibly amazing the server is.

  • Considering no one posted a comment with stats on that offer or on the WHT one, that might be telling you something....

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited September 2011

    But also not complains. Those usually come out first.

    Stats - I didn't notice then that much year or so ago for most of the hosts. Here and there some yes... but not in masses like now when it seems that "everyone" is doing and post performance tests of own lowend boxes :)

    @net their lowend plans are cheap so in case of interest it's not that hard to try them for some month or two and then decide if it's worth to keep it or not. And of course some review would be welcome then :)

    Here is one not so good review:

    I wondering if they actually have available .nl nodes as they wanted to move this customer to .de or .us location.

  • VPSfanVPSfan Member
    edited September 2011

    Hi fellas

    I have been a RapidoVPS user for about 1 year now. I originally was in their France(?) node but was moved to a UK node. If you are worried they are a scam, they aren't. I was worried too when I signed up last year so I know how you feel :)

    Anyways, I posted their disk test here:

    So on short:

    Pros: They didn't scam me like W2 Servers did. RapidoVPS provide an ok service. Not great, not bad service. It works. Uptime is ok for a $2.50 a month plan.

    Cons: They reformatted me once without telling me. They do have much more downtime than my VPS at KiloServe (I pay almost 3x as much though) . You will probably get some downtime a couple times a month.

    They also delete your VPS very fast if they don't receive payment. Be warned your account doesn't get suspended but rather it is deleted a couple days after the payment due date. I lost my VPS twice because of this but really is my own fault although they could be more other host suspend for a few weeks then deletes after that.

    So for the price ($2.50/month OpenVZ), I can't really complain, it works for me and I can withstand the downtime. I was not happy the one time I was formatted but it only happened once.

  • @VPSfan

    They reformatted me once without telling me.

    That alone kills it for them right there. I can understand why a reformat is needed but not to inform the customer?....

  • I can understand why a reformat is needed but not to inform the customer?....

    How can a reformat be justified? I mean, it should not be the customer to have problems when the company fails with its IT management. If you need to reformat, duplicate the data, reformat one disk and serve the VPS from the other. Don't make your problems the problem of the customer. If I would start paying only 1/2 I bet the company wouldn't understand that at all, so why should the customer?

  • I didn't say justified. I said I can see it happening. I lose a drive or two a month.

  • Stay away from this host... I ordered 2 vps one for NL and one for UK what I got two VPS on same node in DE... when I asked them they said "we are out of stock".

  • Not sure if I would "stay away from this host" because of that. Sounds more like they miscalculated and tried to serve you as best as possible.

    Granted I would have dropped you an email asking what you wanted done in this case.

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