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Hello, i need cheap windows vps with these requirements
1 gbps port
1 TB bandwidth [minimum]
Windows OS
2-3 gb ram
Hardisk doesn't matter
2-4 cores
Any location
Note : I need it for cracking purpose so provider should allow me to run cracking program
i just need to run a single program nothing else & Payment will be via Bitcoins or Perfect money.


  • Rob92Rob92 Member

    Um... I think you came to the wrong forum?

  • FlorisFloris Member

    Go back to hackforums.

  • kartikeyp1kartikeyp1 Member
    edited May 2014

    @Rob92 said:
    Um... I think you came to the wrong forum?

    hmm may be but i thought that someone could allow me to use the vps for cracking and prices doesn't matter until it goes above $15/mo

  • Rob92Rob92 Member

    Its the cracking part. Most providers won't allow that for legal reasons I am sure.

  • Floris said: Go back to hackforums.

    Or better yet just drop this idea.

  • @kartikeyp1 said:

    Yeah, I'm sorry; but what you're asking for isn't going to happen here. Unless you have a very specific reason to be doing this [ and you should have stated that to avoid the spam ], you're literally asking for a provider to allow you to do something illegal.

    That being said, I have pentesters on my network, in which I have seen the signed contracts between both parties allowing the customer to attack their networks within given means specifically laid out in the contract, so nothing's impossible.

    The way you've worded your post though... + using anonymous currencies as your only payment methods, good luck buddy.

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