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VmlIT - €15/year Up For Grabs in Netherlands.. Selling Quickly.. + Coupon Inside
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VmlIT - €15/year Up For Grabs in Netherlands.. Selling Quickly.. + Coupon Inside

VmlITVmlIT Member
edited September 2011 in Offers

We are offering the Following VPS Specially for Lowend Box

Yearly Promo

Diskspace: 15GB

Bandwidth: 1 TB /month

Guaranteed RAM: 128MB

Burstable RAM: 256MB



IP: 1

€15.00 /year


VPS Bronze

Diskspace: 30GB

Bandwidth: 20 TB

Guaranteed RAM: 256MB

Burstable RAM: 512MB



IP: 1

Free GBit Port

Price: EUR. 3.50

FREE GBIT PORT - Mention in Notes


Payment Options



Western Union on Yearly Payments

Bank Transfers

Order Link:



  • albertdbalbertdb Member
    edited September 2011

    20TB, really? How many TB can we use before you send us an account shutdown notice because of "resource abuse"?

  • 20TB?! What port is the node on?

  • Just search around lowendbox and see if anyone is complaining about account shutdown from us for using bandwidth.

    We had been offering this when we were at OVH and we are offering it in NL

  • I wonder what kind of node neighbours you'll have with 20TB of transfer each? :)

  • Maybe those 20tbs are those SingleHops bits and bytes. ;)

  • ^Maybe they are not

  • FREE GBIT PORT? confused thought a vps shared the port of the node?

  • They all come by default with 100Mbps.. With SolusVM you can control the speed, so on a 10Gbps node you can easily offer the 1Gbps Network Speed.

  • so you have a node running 1 10gbps port and unmtered bandwith (must be to offer 20tb) and selling it 15 euro for year. Man your gonna put me out of business. :)

  • No we will not put you out of business. These are special promos we run every month and we offer only 20 to 30 VPS

  • daimonbdaimonb Member
    edited September 2011

    I know you wont me out of business i was being sarcarstic, however am curious how you cover your costs. The ip's must cost you more than what your charging for the vps.

  • Re: managing IP costs - it is easy if you have the scale - just become a LIR.
    Re: managing the hardware costs at 15E/Year - i have no idea if this is possible :) For us it seems not possible. But maybe they found a way to do it, who knows.

  • Vimal, I really find it hard to believe that you can offer 20 to 30 vps @20TB each on a GB port for 3.5/mo and sustain a business.

    What are the hosts specs?

    The only DC I know of that allows that kind of traffic is OVH, they cap at 20GB then rate limit your port...

    Looking at your website you are on an urgentvps server, but your TOS states:
    "Contents on our Dedicated or VPS servers are not monitored but you must respect our policy and those of OVH (in related services) and make sure it is by your clients."

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    @madbuda it's not uncommon for people to screw over clients on BW allocations, just check out IPAPCO. They claim they can give each user nearly their servers full allocation of BW and 'would buy more BW as they needed'.


    Thanked by 1Infinity
  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    Francisco said: @madbuda it's not uncommon for people to screw over clients on BW allocations, just check out IPAPCO. They claim they can give each user nearly their servers full allocation of BW and 'would buy more BW as they needed'.

    Thats true, then they go and send you a heafty bill for overages.

  • @Francisco I understand, I just don't see how that is sustainable..

    Further reading of the TOS explains it
    Bandwidth Use
    1. 20TB of Bandwidth can be used during the month with the condition that 10TB of Bandwidth is not used within a 10 day period. If 10TB is used within 10 Days, it will be considered as abuse.
    2. Bandwidth can only be used for legal purposes, rapidleech scripts, torrents and any other illegal activity is strictly prohibted.
    3. Maxing out the port for a period longer than 5 hours is considered as abuse.
    4. Penalty of Euro 25.00 minimum will apply for abuse of bandwidth.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    @Infinity Not quite, they simply cap your port with the requirement that you terminate the person abusing or you simply pay the BW.

    @madbuda Why would it be counted as abuse if you're using what you were given? Unless they're hooking the server on 100Mbit ports....? It would explain a lot.


  • To everyone, I am not going to go in details about this but will just a few things to clear out.
    The 20 to 30 VPS I mentioned is only for the 15€ /year ones. That comes only with 1 TB/month. (yes, we found a way to make it profitable).

    As for 20TB Bandwidth, we are able to offer it. I have mentioned it earlier, node is on 10Gbps - VPS come as standard on 100 Mbps, ofcourse you can upgrade to 1Gbps but for a fee.

    We must be doing something right here since we are in business since 2007.

  • Your offer says "free gbit port" for the bronze plan

  • test ip? data center?

  • @ yomero yes we are offering free Gbit Port for Bronze Plan, its our best Seller

    @ circus ping

  • I got their previous offer on this one, was about the same as this one if I remember correctly. I love this one.

  • Although this is still a good offer, it's still more expensive than quite a few yearly offers here. 15 euro is $20.

    Also, their "VPS Bronze" offer is nothing special for $5 (at least here) if we disregard the massive bandwidth they're offering (and who can really use 20TB legally). Obviously, they won't give you a dedicated 1Gbit port (right?)

    Am I missing something? I've seen a lot of yearly offers ranging from $7 to $15, why do people think this one is unsustainable?

  • why do people think this one is unsustainable?

    I think folks here think most of these offers to be unsustainable unless the provider owns their own hardware and has their own IP ranges. I don't thi9nk that it's just this one.

    Plus most 15/yr offers have failed so far.

  • Basil2Basil2 Member
    edited September 2011

    Well I grabbed a 15 euro/year one, quick setup and a nice selection of distros.

    Happy so far.

  • We do not concentrate on €15 Plans for our business. Our main product is Bronze which sells quickly as we allow VPN services.

  • Most people allow VPN services :)

  • Yep, but their lowest plan, iirc, doesn't. I think what they meant is that the cheapest plan they do that they'll enable tun/tap for.

    @ VmlIT - I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of tun/tap or vpns, is there a technical reason you don't enable it for your cheapest plan?

  • Everyone should donate their idle VPS' monthly traffic remainder (most people have idle VPS to donate) and push 20TB through one of these VmIT plans and see what happens. :)

  • I got 4gig/sec to the net on the servers with about a 43% usage rate at the 95th whatever they call it.

    Can I take a shot? :D

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