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HTTP ZOOM - Server Close out Special - Xen From £1.70 / month - Openvz From £6.38 / Half Year!!!!
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HTTP ZOOM - Server Close out Special - Xen From £1.70 / month - Openvz From £6.38 / Half Year!!!!

CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep
edited May 2012 in Offers

HTTP Zoom ( is a HTTP Simple ( brand geared towards the lowend market.

We have, for several years, provided premium quality hosting, VPS and dedicated services. We are now bringing that same level of quality and customer support into the Lowend Market place.

How are we different from the rest?
1) We have a long track record in making our customers happy
2) We already have existing infrastructure being used from our parent company, who have been successful since 2007.

Server Close out special!!!!

We have just ordered our new hardware and therefore are going to be quickly closing out the old servers!
That means no more new customers will be added to them.
The problem is we still have slots available on both our Xen and Openvz hardware and therefore we are offering recurring discounts on those products!

Because of this we are offering a 15% recurring discount on all of our VPS products! ( Code "close15" )

Lowest Pricing

OVM - 128
Price £7.50 / Half Year ( With Discount £6.38 / half year )
Price £12 / Year ( With Discount £10.20 / year )
Platform OpenVZ
128MB Dedicated Ram
256MB Burst Ram
8GB Diskspace
50GB Transfer
CPU Fair Share
100mb Shared Port
SolusVM Control Panel

If you require more than 128MB on our openvz platform we can stack packages together. For example 4xOVM - 128 would give you 512MB Ram. Discounts will still apply!

VM15 - A - UK
Price £2 / Month ( With Discount £1.70 / month )
Price £24 / Year ( With Discount £20.40 / month)
Platform Xen
128MB Dedicated Ram
256MB Swap
5GB Diskspace
100GB Transfer
CPU Fair Share
100mb Shared Port
15k SAS Enterpirse Hard drives
SolusVM Control Panel

If you require more ram check out our website. Discounts still apply!

Further packages (Including our 15K SAS based VPS) are available via Our Website

Servers are located Berkshire, UK
To Trace Route or Ping our IP use:

Have questions?

Support Contact support <[@]>; httpzoom <[.]> com
Sales Contact support <[@]>; httpzoom <[.]> com
Billing/Support Portal: Here


  • AsadAsad Member
    edited May 2012

    -Why is your WHMCS licence invalid?- Nevermind, it's valid.

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    Hey Asad,

    It shouldn't be. We have a none expiring license.
    Use domain

    Thank you,

  • AsadAsad Member
    edited May 2012

    @httpzoom said: Use domain

    Thanks, it's saying you have a licence. < May want to fix this though.

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep


    Certainly. We've just looked into this and can see its showing up as invalid. I'm wondering if some of our PCI Compliance hardening as broken something!

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    DotVPS I suspect the customer was checking us out! That's no problem. We've contacted WHMCS to see what is going on.

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    ah cool.

  • AsadAsad Member

    @DotVPS said: Yes but ?Licensedebug only shows

    Was just checking up on the company before placing an order, ?licensedebug showed "Status: Invalid". It's an issue with whmcs though.

    Ordered an OpenVZ server for a year, not bad for £10. Got an email from James asking is everything's ok, which is nice.

    I think the download speed is capped to 7Mb/s.

    100%[======================================>] 104,857,600 7.08M/s in 15s

    Disk IO isn't great, but won't be an issue for me.

    [root@panther ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync
    16384+0 records in
    16384+0 records out
    1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 35.2914 seconds, 30.4 MB/s

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep


    If IO ever becomes an issue you should check out our Xen offering :)

  • ivpsivps Member

    How many cpu cores I will get with Xen 128 plan?

  • specklspeckl Member

    @ivps you would have 1 cpu core available with that plan.

  • Bought one :)
    Maybe I will give it a try

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep


    Thank you for that. Let us know how the VPS works for you.

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