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Friend has a vps server for sale $15 dollars for a 1 year 1 gig vps
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Friend has a vps server for sale $15 dollars for a 1 year 1 gig vps

sz1hostingsz1hosting Member
edited April 2014 in Offers

My friend got me to buy him a vps from cvps and now he doesn't want it because he has no clue how to use a vps and bought a shared hosting account from me instead, so i told him i will sell it for him.
He paid $25.00 for this vps on a special offer.
Next Due Date: Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
The specs:

(Disk Space: 20 GIG)


  • Ask CVPS for a refund?

  • 20 gb ram for $25 a year ?
    no freaking way bro

  • i don't think they do refunds i bought it in my name so i can ask them but i dought they do refunds i just started selling unmanaged vps myself so if they do it is no use to me having credit on my account

  • just edited lol yeh did look like 20 gig memory b4

  • mmmh, I think it is a SSD VPS, is it correct @sz1hosting. In additional, I would suggest to post a benchmark and screenshot of the VPS since your joined time is < 1 month.

  • sz1hostingsz1hosting Member
    edited April 2014

    it is a chicago vps , server i cant be bothered posting the benchmark lol its a cvps ovz most people here have a rough idea of the benchmark etc, here is a screenshot : )

  • kyakykyaky Member

    move on, get a better VPS instead. don't even bother selling

  • vps is sold thanks lowendtalk : )

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