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Anyone else had a Stripe account closed? - Page 2
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Anyone else had a Stripe account closed?



  • jhjh Member
    edited November 2015

    8420PR said: I have some sympathy for all 'new generation' online payment providers as while they have made it much easier and faster to accept payments online for everyone, by doing so they have also made it easier for fraudsters to sign up and accept payments....

    I agree - and I understand that's where the difficulties with Stripe and Paypal come in - they are significant targets for fraudsters. Braintree do the verification stuff in advance - it takes a week to get the underwriting out of the way, ID checks, looking at the business model, probably credit check etc. Then it's done and a sensible business can relax and rely on it. Stripe's model makes it difficult for businesses to count on the service.

  • AlbaHostAlbaHost Member, Host Rep

    What about Did anyone know about them or used them?

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