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Cheapest OpenStack object storage?
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Cheapest OpenStack object storage?

agonyztagonyzt Member
edited April 2014 in General


I've been looking for a cheap OpenStack object storage service and so far the cheapest I found is RunAbove (OVH's new service) for 0.021$/GB/month.

Is there anything even cheaper out there?



  • perennateperennate Member, Host Rep

    That's pretty cheap.

  • SpencerSpencer Member
    edited April 2014

    OVH backup service (hubic) that uses OpenStack object storage is 0.0009765625 cents per GB

  • I couldnt get the RunAbove to work with Python-swiftclient. Did anyone else get it working?

  • agonyztagonyzt Member
    edited April 2014

    I got it working with both Cyberduck and Cloudfuse... Make sure you use your "project name/id" as tenant name, your email as username, and your account password as secret/password, and authurl=

    P.S.: They use Keystone as identity service.

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  • In Cyberduck:
    1. Open Connection
    2. Choose "Swift (OpenStack Object Storage)
    3. Server
    4. port 443
    5. username - enter my login email address here
    6. Path /v2.0
    Press connect
    Prompted to add username:

    • enter my email address that I use to loginto the runabove portal
    • enter corresponding password
      I get an error 404 here. Also, I dont see any place to enter my project name/id. Are project name/id two different things? I see that the RC file I can download from RunAbove has OS_TENANT_ID and OS_TENANT_NAME - not sure which one to use here.
  • You have to download the keystone profile: Swift (Keystone).cyberduckprofile

    Use the Tenant Name as username, the ID is actually your API key but you don't need it in this case.


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  • You know.. I feel pretty dumb.. I cant get it to work with cyberduck. I wish they RunAbove had instructions for dummies. Or maybe its my account or something.

  • Totally agree with you, they should provide instructions because I too spent like 3h just to figure it out... The information they provide is not even clear (even in the RC file). Just make sure you use the profile I linked.

  • can this be used as offsite backup storage via rsync?

  • Not using rsync but it works perfectly with duplicity. You can always use cloudfuse and mount the storage directly on your server.

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