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I need a backup script
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I need a backup script

rahulksrahulks Member

need a backup script for my ubuntu vps which backups all sql databases including users, directories /var/www/ /etc/apache2/ /root/

and the backup should be send as an email attachment

Does anybody know some kind of script which can do this ?


  • nunimnunim Member
    edited April 2014

    There isn't going to be a script that meets your exact needs, however Bash is quite simple and you should be able to cobble one together.

    Sending a backup as an email attachment is a very poor idea, you should be uploading it offsite via SCP or rsync ideally.

    I'll get you started:

    mkdir /home/backup/
    cp -rf /var/www/ /home/backup/www/
    cp -rf /etc/apache2 /home/backup/apache2/
    cp -rf /root/ /home/backup/root/
    tar -czf /home/files_backup.tar.gz /home/backup/
    rm -rf /home/backup/

    Now you just need to dump your databases and send the files offsite.

  • XSXXSX Member, Host Rep
    edited April 2014
    mkdir /backup
    tar zcf /backup/backup_$(date +"%Y%m%d").tar.gz  /var/www/ /etc/apache2/ /root/
    mysqldump -uYOUUSER -pYOUPASSWORD YOUDATABASE | gzip -9 - > /backup/db_$(date +"%Y%m%d").sql.gz)
  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    Dump mysql and tar evry directory you need backuped and use something line ssmtp ( to send the file.

    Make sure that the total size of the email isn't larger then what your mail provider can accept.

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