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Looking for a 1Gbit VPS
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Looking for a 1Gbit VPS

xprotoceptxprotocept Member
edited September 2011 in General

I'm looking for a VPS with Gigabit
Already used the search option and only could find 2 Servers
Please get me a good one from a trusted host :D


  • What other preference do you have? Location of the server? Budget?

    1Gbps port on a VPS with crappy network in the middle of nowhere would still be worse than 100Mbps with a nice multi-homed connectivity.

  • Some of us think 1gbps on a vps is a waste too.

  • Oh yeah that too. It would be hard to find a storage system on VPS to saturate the network anyway, unless someone is just piping /dev/zero...

  • Location doesn't really matter
    My Budget is max $5 a month

  • BuyVM offer 1 Gbps shared.

  • Ah nice, so my $15/year VPS has 1gbit haha didn't knew that Got 2 of them

  • xprotocept said: Ah nice, so my $15/year VPS has 1gbit haha didn't knew that Got 2 of them

    Yep :)

  • GaryGary Member
    edited September 2011

    edit: bah, opening this in a new tab then reading other threads and THEN replying here was a bad idea. :D

  • Gary said: There are tons.

    For $5 a month? Care to list some examples? BuyVM was the only host I was aware of :P

  • I can offer you a VPS with a full 1 gigabit, just for you. But it will cost 4000 USD/month :) Kind of doesn't fit your budget.

  • 123systems
    Alienlayer (new New york servers)

    All have gigabit ports, but why the f* you need a gigabit port.

  • SpotVPS got cheap VPS with 1GBs port =D

  • ihatetonyyihatetonyy Member
    edited September 2011

    Gbit port could be VERY useful for streaming media (shoutcast, red5 etc) live -- no real HD operations there..

  • But since you share that GBit port with lots of other VPSes I doubt that it will make much difference.

  • 5ite offer this - despite it not being clearly advertised on their site. Good service for me so far.

  • Surely sharing a gbit port is better than sharing a 100mbit port, everything else being equal?

    I think all but one of my VMs are on gbit ports. Very handy for sending bursts of data, distributed backups etc. I manage 80MB/sec on some of them, and rarely below 100mbit.

  • Sharing a gigabit port is of course better than sharing 100mbit port, but letting the other customers use the full gigabit is not good for your service. Having everyone capped to some sensible (like 100mbit) speed while the whole node is on a gigabit makes your service much more predictable and reliable.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    @Gary - We actually have 2Gbit LACP'd together at the edge :) We're still fiddling with the hashing settings to see what gives us the best weighting.


  • The fastest GigE link from a budget VPS I've used is ramhost, Atlanta location, and the second is Buyvm, this must be affected by the amount of users sharing the port, both are pretty good.

  • Go59954Go59954 Member
    edited September 2011

    I wrote respond but was deleted by mistake sorry :( Anyway, most 100mbp and 1Gbps hosts throttles the maximum transfer rate you actually can get in your VPS container to not effect rest of containers therefore sometimes what you get with 100mbps node is same as what you get with a 100mbps node. The question within all cases is whether or not you need more than like 5MB/s transfer rate for any purpose? You usually don't need few 10s of MBs, since 5MB/s lets you transfer 300 MB each minute.

  • Go59954Go59954 Member
    edited September 2011

    fan said: The fastest GigE link from a budget VPS I've used is ramhost, Atlanta location, and the second is Buyvm, this must be affected by the amount of users sharing the port, both are pretty good.

    They throttle the max port speed a VPS can get, I've seen some providers with 1Gbps nodes but still what you get maximum is 4 or 5 Mb/s. Just like some providers with 100Mbps nodes and what you get is 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 MB/s , while the actual 100Mbps port capacity can do nearly >10MB/s, but they too (100mbps providers) throttle the maximum speed a single VPS can do to not effect the rest of VPS containers at the same node, also to fight abuse. However, I saw some providers like Buyvm offering much higher port speed per VPS (not sure if full 100% of 1Gbps speed though), which is too good for their price point.

    But I never complain for that, actually my hosts where I get in all of them 3 to 7 MB/s are better to me, to protect myself against bandwidth abuse ;)

    60 MB/s is somehow dangerous, an abuser can eat around 3.5 GB of your bandwidth each minute! So 30 minutes = 100 GB! And counting X:

  • Depends what you're doing with your VPS, Go59954. We're not all running websites, or public websites at least. I welcome the ability to do 90MB/sec in bursts. :)

  • ramnetramnet Member, Host Rep

    @Go59954, we do not throttle our gigabit connections. Simple fair-share flow control can be used to keep 1 person from affecting other users' bandwidth availability & usage. We haven't put hard throttles on vps since 2009 when we learned a better way to handle such things :)

    @fan, glad to hear our gigabit is the fastest you've seen :)

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