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Multi-user SubSonic install - resources needed?
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Multi-user SubSonic install - resources needed?

NekkiNekki Member

I'm working on a project where I need to be able to stream video/audio to multiple users (probably no more than 5 concurrent users max), and I was considering using SubSonic as it seems pretty nice and has mobile apps.

What I'm interested to know is whether anyone has a similar setup, and what sort of RAM and CPU was needed for decent performance to multiple users, so I can work out whether a VPS will do or whether I need a cheap dedi to get this done.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


  • Subsonic is nice.. But the ads.. Oh the ads..

    In terms of resources it's sometimes hungry and sometimes not hungry.

    Obviously you need enough disk space for your music, but aside from that you might need a good bit of RAM. CPU wasn't much of an issue.

  • tommytommy Member

    0xdragon said: Subsonic is nice.. But the ads.. Oh the ads..

    setup your own dns and block ads domain(s) from there :) I use my old p4 as server and don't have problem for 1-3 user max.

  • NekkiNekki Member

    @Zen said:
    But I would recommend giving up on this..I have spent many nights hammering the keyboard trying to get this set up, and it wasn't worth it.

    Is there another package you'd recommend instead? Or is a project like this simply doomed to fail?

  • tomletomle Member

    For media streaming, I use Plex. However it only supports one concurrent user without license. Get a cheap dedi, put some VPS on it and run Plex on each VPS.
    I was running Plex for a single user on a Pentium G620 but I'm not sure it could have handled multiple concurrent streams. Transcoding is very cpu-intensive.

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