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Sponsored VPS (Asking)
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Sponsored VPS (Asking)

luis123456luis123456 Member
edited September 2011 in General

you know I was one of the ones that advised, well they are now dead, so I want a sponsored VPS.
It's to retake an old project back into life, 7un. I want for it to have a decent amount of resources, and that it can actually run Kloxo.
Don't bother asking me for money, I have it but I'm not looking to get it online. This also serves to know who I'm dealing with, someone that will pardon me some times if things go haywire or someone that will kick me up at strike one, to gain some experience and to play around with it.

I am currently having one VPS at, but I'm using it for personal purposes since it cannot handle any of my projects (and a little VNC instance)

Anything lower end is welcome.

You may ask, what do I offer on return for this non paid VPS? Well, forum posts to be exact, ads on my site, linkbacks, support time, and anything you may want that does not require money (hard earned) to exchange hands.

I am open to suggestions, however I ran out of ideas so I decided the best way to clear this up is to open this thread to know who can, and will sponsor a VPS for me. I will also be very graqteful if you do.

With sincere regards,


P.S: I would not love to be greedy, but anything with 512 mb ram, 20 GB Space, 200 Gb bandwidth and 1 GHZ cpu will be welcome. Beggars can't be choosers, I understand that so it's a plus for me.


  • Suggestions:

    • Pay money.
  • Don't say I didn't try that. If I was able to, would you think this thread would be here? or better i'll pick a provider and sign up? answer with logic boy.

  • With all the energy and time you spend on forums, etc. you could get some kind of job for a hour a day and then you would have money for more than just a VPS :)

  • @luis123456 -- here is a suggestion for you (and the final warning as well). If you are looking for a "sponsored VPS", your options are:

    • Check out as they do give out free VPS
    • At least publicly declare what do you currently have that's worthwhile to be sponsored. "Future possibilities" don't interest most potential sponsors here.
    • Actually spend some money. A few dollar each month too much an ask? Besides "512MB RAM" is actually a big ask -- how about learning how to optimize a small VPS so those $15/year OpenVZ ones would do? If you can't accept that, then I think you might need to change your attitude.

    Thread closed.

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