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Two Questions - Anycast IPs - PHP developer
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Two Questions - Anycast IPs - PHP developer


Firstly, does anyone do Anycasted IPs?
Need one for a project, and thought I'd see if anyone here does them.

Secondly, anyone here available for developing a simple user panel for me? (I just need to manage users and a few bits of data)

Obviously paid. If you could quote me in PM or here, that'd be excellent. If you need further information, also feel free to PM me.

Thanks for your time! :)


  • r0t3nr0t3n Member

    How quick do you need the anycasted ips? I'm bringing up a test anycast network with internap shortly, otherwise i think @gbshouse has something coming this month

  • @0xdragon - it depends how you want this delivered. Anycast is usually used where you have multiple servers/server farms dotted around and you announce the same IP in multiple locations. Allowing BGP to determine the 'nearest' location.

    You'll need an IP address/block that can be announced in multiple sites where you have these servers. Failing that you can do the old cludge and tunnel from the announcement points, but defeats the object somewhat.

  • r0t3nr0t3n Member

    @0xdragon maybe your project could make use of nsone's services instead of anycasted ips?

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