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markmurphymarkmurphy Member
edited September 2011 in Reviews

Hello guys if you get the chance please review our website and tell us if the prices are feasible or not. Visit



  • well, IMHO, lower the price by half and it would be good.

  • I can give you a discount?

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    I think it really depends on how much you are willing to invest and if you will be able to maintain the prices. I suggest you make a plan with around 256MB RAM, 30GB disk etc. if it is OpenVZ, if it is Xen - even better.

  • I had this big long review written out and then your chat windows started beeping and going off. I deleted the review. You bothered me and turned off a possible client. (Yea, right. Like I got money for another VPS.)

    Please give an option to dismiss the chat window and close it completely.

    Thanked by 2markmurphy steliyan
  • kylixkylix Member
    edited September 2011

    No other host in the galaxy can offer as many features and resources for as cheap as we can. If you can find a better deal somewhere else we will match and beat any competitors price.

    Is that a guarantee?

    Roxy, customer since 2001

    What? 2001? And you don't have any "about"-page nor a legal imprint? That sounds like unfair competition.

    I had this big long review written out and then your chat windows started beeping and going off.

    @drmike: Where's the chat? Can't find it.

    Thanked by 1markmurphy
  • doctur can u reply to my personal message about icedtea please?

    click inbox on the top of the page, thanks

  • kylix said: kylix

    Yes it a gurantee, we are recently new, we have a terms and conditions link at the bottom of the page - have a look to see.

  • drmike, sorry about the chat issue, you should not have any problem now

  • Is that a guarantee?

    I have to admit that that statement ticked me off as well.

    I will give you one thing though. It's "Light Speed Support", not "Lite Speed Support" What you have there is actually a bad thing as lite means in this case less than instead of quicker.

  • markmurphymarkmurphy Member
    edited September 2011

    drmike , its a PUN . But thanks for reviewing we can make changes, do you think the prices are good or too high?

  • Yes it a gurantee, we are recently new,

    So the customer Roxy from 2001 is unfair competition and beguilement. Well...

  • We had another person review and had advised it is not fair, and i guess its true, we are new - sorry about saying that we are from 2001! Clearly not :)

  • something stinks here

  • kristal - whats the matter

  • Do you seriously offer 8 GB of RAM for $30/month? That seems extremely cheap...

  • Yes, you will have to talk to the techs.

  • @maxexcloo: That's called overselling :P

  • ovz or xen?

  • This company is a joke. As stated by Mark Murphy they have 8 core nodes with 6 GB memory while they are offering 8 GB VPS for $30.

  • iKocka said: iKocka

    I told you that we are to buy a server tomorrow from SingleHop, so don't start twisting words, i have the chat to prove it

  • You are already selling something you don't have the hardware for? Whats that? Bear raiding? That became quite unpopular these days.

  • kylix - well put :D

    • Spammer
    • Doesn't read rules
    • Stole site from legitimate host
    • Site hosted on a shitty budget vps
    • False address on WHOIS/invalid address
  • Could brighten up the FireFox page for me.

    'Firefox can't find the server at'

  • @markmurphy -- your prices seem competitive to me. However the things that the other folks noted are going to bite you:

    1. No legal info on your site

    2. No real whois data on your domain

    3. Selling something that your hardware can't support

    4. Etc, etc etc.

    Best of luck!

  • I don't understad why some new providers these days don't bother in installing SSL certs for their client areas. An SSL cert can be accuared for free or as cheap as $10.

    To me the lack of a secured client area is a deal breaker.

  • kristalkristal Banned
    edited September 2011

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO (thumbs down)

  • The site works for me as well.

    An SSL cert can be accuared for free or as cheap as $10.

    Would love to know where you're getting a commercial SSL cert for free.

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