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[Inception Hosting] LEB Deal 128mb €6.50 ($8.49) p/quarter + VPS512 for €5.00 p/month ($6.53) XEN-PV
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[Inception Hosting] LEB Deal 128mb €6.50 ($8.49) p/quarter + VPS512 for €5.00 p/month ($6.53) XEN-PV

AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider
edited April 2012 in Offers

Hi Folks,

Happy to present the following offers:

Phoenix USA

2 Cores Equal Share
128mb Ram
128mb Swap
150 GB p/month (un-metered inbound)
1 IP4
15GB Offsite Backup Space on request

€6.50 p/quater
€12.00 Semi Annually
€22.00 p/year



4 Cores Equal Share
512MB Guaranteed RAM
25GB Disk (Raid 10)
350GB Bandwidth on a 100mbit port (un-metered inbound)
1 IPv4 Address
15GB Offsite Backup Space on request

€5.00 /month ($6.53) (Coupon Code: LEB512MAR)


Netherlands Test IP’s – / 2a00:7b80:3019:12::2ef1:902e
Phoenix Test IP –

Plenty of stock available in the Netherlands on 1000mbit ports + IP6 too :)



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  • AsimAsim Member


  • LAKidLAKid Member

    Anthony@ you're getting desperate, aren't you?

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    eh what?

    Why would you say that, these offers are nothing new?

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  • bobbybobby Member

    Not only that, but if anyone remember his 64mb offer, I bought one, performance has been ace, with 0 downtime even. Can't recommend enough.

  • Any 256M deal for LET? >_>

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