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Namecheap NS being DDOS'ed
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Namecheap NS being DDOS'ed

Uhhhg...ugly. None of my domains are responding.


  • @pechspilz said:
    Uhhhg...ugly. None of my domains are responding.

    My domain works fine.

  • Probably depends on your location since Namecheap is using at least some degree of anycasted IP addresses for their name servers.

  • Yep, there is something going on with NC

  • Been going on since around 11am EST this morning. Unfortunately their Status Page is down, chat is disabled and tickets don't seem to get responses.

  • Is namecheap deadpooling :D

  • @sundaymouse said:
    Is namecheap deadpooling :D

    If it is so, I believe that a lot of LET members will shout here and there :p

  • Can confirm it now.

  • "Dear Customers,

    We're experiencing a DDoS attack on our DNSv2 system at the moment - this means that any domains that are using DNSv2 or FreeDNS nameservers may experience intermittent availability issues.
    We are currently in the process of mitigating the attack and are working hard to ensure a quick resolution. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused."

  • It looks like only DNS v2 is affected. Switching to v1 solves the problem.

  • RadiRadi Member, Host Rep

    My domain is down. :(

    Server is up though.

  • @sundaymouse said:
    Is namecheap deadpooling :D

    No, they're essentially just an eNom reseller, they have next to no responsibilities on the technical front.

  • They have some problems from time to time, you could also use CloudFlare as a free dns service and for some money you can get DNS from, they're great.

  • Thinking about moving over to rage4.

  • Glad I am with DNSMadeEasy. Sucks for NameCheap tho. rage4 is good, too.

  • +1 for Cloudflare

  • Using PointDNS :) Im up.

  • BrianHarrisonBrianHarrison Member, Patron Provider

    Must be a pretty significant attack to take down Namecheap DNS for this long. Any public announcement on the size of this attack?

  • They claimed to have resolved it

    update @ 2:50 GMT | 9:50 PM EST

    We are glad let you know that the attack is completely over and all services are fully functional. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

    Here is a breakdown on their blog

  • BrianHarrison said: Must be a pretty significant attack to take down Namecheap DNS for this long. Any public announcement on the size of this attack?

    The sheer size of the attack overwhelmed many of our DNS servers resulting in inaccessibility and sluggish performance. Our initial estimates show the attack size to be over 100Gbps, making this one of the largest attacks anyone has seen or dealt with. And this is a new type of attack, one that we and our hardware and network partners had not encountered before.

  • i have some domains with them and all are up

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