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WINE on vps
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WINE on vps

kristalkristal Banned
edited September 2011 in Tutorials

anybody using wine ? :-> if not, you should :P

apt-get build-dep wine


tar xvjf wine-1.3.27.tar.bz2

cd wine-1.3.27



make install


  • LOL

    Yes, I use it sometimes. The last time, tried to run the f****g terraria server.

    Past time, running an Alien Swarm server

    (This in VPS, but I use it more frequently in my pc to run Notepad++ mainly)

  • I prefer ICEDTEA myself.

  • I try to keep my VPS dry.

  • @yomero : Why do you need Wine to run an alien swarm server? Are you talking about when it was a mod or when Alien Swarm became a Steam game? Cause srcds in Linux supported Alien Swarm.

  • Are you sure that srcds support it? Yes, steam game

    You can download the files, but they are for windows.

  • doctur can u help me with icedtea please, cant find mozilla-plugin, donno wat to install i tried iceweasel still doesnt work ;/

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