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WHMCS 5.3.4 Released
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WHMCS 5.3.4 Released

WHMCS 5.3.4 is now available to download.

This release contains scheduled maintenance improvements and other fixes for the 5.3 series.


  • good to know ,thanks. btw, are you one of the WHMCS developers?

  • kyaky said: good to know ,thanks. btw, are you one of the WHMCS developers?

    haha no :)

  • jmginerjmginer Member, Patron Provider

    Is Ok or we need wait for the (patched)

  • I am really very upset with these updates every month we need to upgrade this.

  • :D and the nice banner which always say, welcome new version available update now, huh this whmcs in the past two years it has nothing else only security and security patches, nothing new, nothing to make you love it, just the same old whmcs with new security updates :)

  • not security updates,only maintenance release

  • DewlanceVPSDewlanceVPS Member, Patron Provider

    Seems WHMCS Matt is a hard worker, Quickly released a bug patches in v5.3.4.

  • RadiRadi Host Rep, Veteran

    Nothing new :(

    I want a metro design :D

  • tuguhosttuguhost Member
    edited February 2014

    i tried upgrade it and it getting blank page if someone to try checkout

    anyone having same problem?

  • No,we are not getting it

  • @ftpit said:
    No,we are not getting it

    i try again and it not getting like that anymore

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