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Back Up From FTP
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Back Up From FTP

So i have a site on a shared hosting platform. Now i want to back up the whole webspace from ftp to a vps somewhere else. I have been trying to see if google offers some awnsers but have yet to find what i need. I am looking for incremental backups that i can run daily.


  • What shared hosting environment are you in?

    cPanel, Kloxo or... ?

  • andreblueandreblue Member
    edited February 2014

    Cpanel. Cpanel 11 per the panel its self
    I would rather however a script on the vps to jump on the site and grab everything or a zip backup

  • Why not just use the integrated cpanel backup function? Full backup to remote server, then enter remote host, remote ftp user and password, port (standard: 21), directory (usually /) and usually passive ftp if the remote system is behind a firewall. Works fine. Not incremental but usually nicely compressed and very easy to use.

  • I want a nice pull of a backup from my site to be put on my vps about each day. I want it automated as work can lead me to be away from a computer thus not being able to do it and then while at school I can do squat with their alright PCs thus automated is the best for me.

  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    Did you read the link I sent you?
    If you are on a windows machine then use winwget.

    Then schedule the download.

  • I just installed FTP server on the VPS and use cPanels remote backup.

  • andreblueandreblue Member
    edited February 2014

    MikHo said: Did you read the link I sent you? If you are on a windows machine then use winwget.

    i did see it, its a linux vps which i will get it set up in a bash script and cron job

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