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DNS Hosts
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DNS Hosts

Hey Guys,

Thought i would ask this question here.

Was wanting to see what is considered as the "best" or even "better" dns hosts (as far as functions, price, reliability etc).

Im after dns hosts that doesnt require you to register the domain through them. So pretty much, something that you simply direct your nameservers, and manage the dns for the domain using their dns manager.

I currently use cloudflare for some of my domains. Im looking for pro's and con's for Cloudflare and other alternatives so i can make more informed decision for any of my future domains :)



  • Cloudflare is a decent service, other than that, use your domain registrar's.

  • matthewvzmatthewvz Member, Host Rep

    I've been using cloudflare for a few months and I've been very happy with them, rage4 is also pretty nice.

  • Try Zerigo. If you have any issue make sure to submit your ticket 72 hours in advance. Actually forget it, they don't have a ticketing system. Or try DNS Made Easy. They would be great if they would quit doing the hole "charge by queries" thing. It's lame. is okay and cheap. After trying all of them I decided to stick with CloudFlare...

  • OliverOliver Member, Host Rep

    I use and recommend RAGE4 to everyone.

    Amazon AWS Route 53 is OK as well but relatively expensive.

    ZoneEdit was good a long time ago but their website and pricing is average at best nowadays.

  • Namecheap offers free DNS-only access plans. You don't have to have an account with them.

  • Amazon Route 53


    CloudFlare is far and away the best free option and is better than most paid services. DNSMadeEasy is the best out there period but can get pricey for higher numbers of queries. Dyn is another good paid option.


  • I use rackspace DNS, its free and pretty nice.

  • I have used in the past and it was always a reliable free service.

  • jhjh Member

    Rage4 is great. One thing I haven't really looked into is the query/response times of different DNS providers. Maybe someone else has and can enlighten you.

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