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Anyone Use ServerMania? (and thoughts on this deal?)
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Anyone Use ServerMania? (and thoughts on this deal?)

Hello, all!

I ran across what seems to be a too-good-to-be-true offer in an advertisement from ServerMania. (the $97/year deal here: Yes, it isn't quite in the "lowendbox" range (<$48/year), but figured I'd ask here if anyone knows much about them.

It appears that they've been around since 2002, and have been hosting VPSs since 2007. I've read some good reviews about them, but mostly from dedicated server users... Not many from VPS users.

Anyone know much about them? Also, any thoughts on the above deals? I've read people saying "Don't pay by the year..." What is the main reason for this? (the reason I was given last time I asked was that many VPS companies sort of come and go, but this one has been around or around 12 years). I've got a few VPSs (just getting onto the VPS scene, and kinda went overboard seeing all the cheap VPS deals (my previous perception of VPSs was they they were all super expensive)), and figured I could save some money by putting all my eggs in one basket, AND have some extra system resources left over.



  • Uhm. That's not very too-good-to-be-true.

  • never used them
    but there are a thread about them in here :

  • iKeyZiKeyZ Veteran
    edited February 2014

    @0xdragon said:
    Uhm. That's not very too-good-to-be-true.

    It seems to say it's SSD, although in the title it says SSD cached. If it was SSD it would be, but I'm guessing it is not.

  • Thanks for the replies! (especially @tuguhost, I'll be reading through that now... Hadn't run across that thread yet).

    @0xdragon said:
    Uhm. That's not very too-good-to-be-true.

    Ok, so apparently I haven't seen the best offers available then... This is the best one I've run across, at least from a ~12yo company with a 100% uptime SLA.

    Also, @iKeyZ, thanks for the heads up on that! Looked like it was straight SSD up until you pointed it out.

  • @ElectroPulse said:
    Thanks for the replies! (especially tuguhost, I'll be reading through that now... Hadn't run across that thread yet).

    youre welcome

  • I am using one of their 2 GB vps $48 per year since last 5 months. Didn't face any issue till now and giving decent performance for the money.

  • I have known praveen for a while now and he knows his stuff so I will say that I trust his opinion but I also will tell you that I use ServerMania as I have posted here before. I know they have worked with me for anything I needed and their support is ultra fast. I also have a VPS with them on their servers also and it works quite well the time I have had it... Over a year now.

  • We use dedicated servers and its pretty good no problems so far, cant say about VPS

  • i have 3 with them in a cluster production on different nodes they all are all great been with them for 1 year

  • I have one here that runs an old game. Seems to work good.

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