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Ideal setup for a large magazine site with some dynamic content...
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Ideal setup for a large magazine site with some dynamic content...

Ok, so I run a rather large online magazine site (WordPress) and am in the process of testing a new setup to allow us to scale beyond what we handle now. Sure, there comes a point where VPSes simply won't be able to handle load I'm certain we can still have a setup that will handle more traffic than now even while still using VPSes.

Both of these setups are with mysql running on a separate VPS on the same network by itself. I've tested varnish->nginx+php-fpm, varnish->apache+php-fpm and while I prefered the varnish+nginx (just seemed snappier) setup I'm stumped on how to achieve what we currently do. So we currently run straight nginx and have a few dynamic plugins (such as BAW Post Views Count which adds a +1 to a view count value on each article allowing you to "Least Viewed", "Most Viewed" posts in a widget) which simply wouldn't work, or at least I can't wrap my head around how to do it, with varnish serving cached pages.

Now, my end-goal is to have varnish (round-robin, possibly ran on the same VPS with mysql?) between two identical nginx servers that pull all the DB info from the VPS with mysql running. Realistically, I'd LOVE to have response times like I did with varnish+nginx (TTFB was roughly ~60ms, total page-load time ~1 second) and sure it was only me hitting the site with those numbers but I know it's possible to go lower than we are now. I just don't know how to go about having dynamic content be used while also using varnish to cache.

Perhaps I should be looking into memcache?

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