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Are there any Velocihost VPS services reviews/experiences?
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Are there any Velocihost VPS services reviews/experiences?


Does anyone has ever used for SSD VPS ? We just found a pretty attractive coupon code on twitter and are willing to give it a try, but first would like to get to know other's experiences with them.

According to my research, Miami Florida provides the best connectivity and lower latency to Central and South America. Anyone cares to advice?


  • I looked them up on WHT, and there aren't any reviews of them, there were however some generally positive comments about them, so take that as you will

  • Yeah, we have been unable to find reviews about them. Is a pitty considering their location and SSD offering is what we really love.

  • VPNshVPNsh Member, Host Rep

    nothing but good things to say. Had an ip change a few months ago but plenty of notice was given and performance has been great. Network has been good for me too. Can't comment on support because it just works.

  • Thanks to all of you coming forward to help me decide on this provider. The lack of reviews does not help much but It seems Velocihost is not all about buzz and fuzz but to make things work as you said. I' think we should give them a try. Their offering seems the best for our Miami and Latin America target.

    Does anyone have any experience with their support, especially Spanish since we will be using their service with many of our latin american customers?

  • akzakz Member

    care to share the coupon?

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