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worst host ever?
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worst host ever?

cosmicgatecosmicgate Member
edited March 2012 in General

I'll start, i'll have to vote NQhost.

  • First day i got it i ran a speed test. Avg speed? 500 - 800 Kb/s. LOL i'm not joking. Submit a ticket, tech support went bla bla bla this, bla bla bla that. It was never resolved. I asked for a refund within the first hour i got my login. tech support went bla bla bla, no refund bla bla bla. So okay, so i told myself i'll have to stick with this shitty stuff for a while. It is my fault afterall for not reading their policy. There were no mention of credit or whatever.

  • Next i proceed to re-install and try to yum update. I Couldn't even finish yum update ! I was pissed, which i seldom is but nevermind. At this point i realised oh so what they've been saying on LEB and WHT about NQhost is true afterall. Suck that i had to buy one to find out.

  • My reverse DNS points to some weird russian gas company website LOL. I couldn't remember what it was, i think it was or or something. I kept silent for 20days and see if it would be removed when they realise it. Well what do you know? No action. On the 21st day i finally wrote to them, they removed it of course but i also wanted my rDNS to be not resolvable, which they never did accomplish. I wrote to them again, i got ignored. At this point i totally gave up on them, if there was a way to rate them from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best i would rate them at least a 1 but with that last inciden, i am giving them 0/10.

To sum it up, i've tried alot of hosts, some are good some are just downright bad but NQhost takes the number 1 spot for being the worst provider in the world. In total, i only logged in my machine about 5-6 times because there was really no point in using it. Speed was bad, and tech support wouldn't do anything. Worse part, no refund credits. If you guys think that i'm making this one up i have all the log proofs i even have the speed test somewhere on my mac.


  • That sucks, sounds like they had no idea what they were doing

  • exactly. Come to think about it im not sure if its okay to put this here as there are alot LEB providers here.

  • I didn't have any technical problems when I was a client there; but I must say the support team was highly unhelpful. Their payment processor (2CO) kept flagging my payments as suspicious, and instead of contacting me they would immediately suspend the account. When I contacted them regarding the issue, I was told that it was "out of their control". Since I'd had the service a short time, I requested a pro-rated refund and would go about my way... this was also "out of their control", and I ended up having to spend some time dealing with 2CO directly to get the refunds.

    I understand that having a third-party payment processor can make things difficult at times, but if the best you can tell your clients is 'well, nothing I can do, your bad luck', then they're worth avoiding.

  • JoeMeritJoeMerit Veteran
    edited March 2012

    We could always use a good provider bashing thread :)

    I used NQhost for 1 month because they were offering 50% off. The performance was not good and I certainly was not going to pay 6.95 for 128M of ram and 4GB disk - I did not need the unmetered bandwidth.

    I'd say AlienVPS is the worst I've ever used of active providers. I'd rate them as crap in every category except 1. I have to give them credit for enabling the rDNS feature in SolusVM. Its REALLY frustrating to have to send rDNS requests in via email/ticket. Wish other providers could figure this feature out.

  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    I don't have any horrorstories about the providers that I have or had services with.
    The "worst" provider a I had was virpus. Decent vps but worthless support.

    My first vps with them had cpanel and at one time I couldnt update it because of some wierd errors, if I remember correct it was some process being killed while running. Up till then I had been a windows person meaning i had no clue on how to fix it so i submitted a ticket about it, asking for help. The few answers I got was either sent thru google translate or "looking at it, will reply soon".

    After some time i trusted in the force of google and eventually fixed it myself.
    1 week after it was fixed and my cpanel was updated, Virpus got hacked and my vps was one of the many deleted.....

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    Worst host I've ever experienced was around 10 years ago, a company called Angel Networkz. Long story short the owner was made up, and one month he/she simply ran away with everyone's money. They were a fairly large company!

  • @httpzoom said: and one month he/she simply ran away with everyone's money.

    Ha, that happens to the LEB market every few months...

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    Luckily for LEB its between 2 and 40 pounds people run away with. I'd just paid 3 months up front for a dedicated at around 220 a month :(

  • I'll start, i'll have to vote NQhost.

    I've been happy with them (Moscow datacenter) for the 3 months they've been hosting my VPS. They promised unmetered 10Mbps bandwidth and have delivered it with minimal down time.

    That said, this is a $155/year VPS, not a LEB. Maybe that's the difference in our experiences.

  • qenoxqenox Member

    @httpzoom said: Worst host I've ever experienced was around 10 years ago, a company called Angel Networkz

    Yeah, whatever happened with that?

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    As far as i know they did start up again but paypal simply refused to issue any refunds to customers! Its one of those companies that pops up every now and again and steals.

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