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WHMCS license key reissue
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WHMCS license key reissue

I by mistake changed by domain nameserver IP and I didn't know that this will make my whmcs license key invalid. So now I am locked out. I changed the nameserver IP again and requested the provider to reissue the license key. I purchased whmcs leased from my hosting provider. Its been 48 hours already I didn't get a new key.
It seems I can not login to admin side of whmcs due to this. So the support tickets (if any) are unanswered so far.
My question is how long does it take to reissue whmcs license key? Does whmcs provide this service for free(reissuing key)?
Do whmcs support guys work on weekends?
The provider keeps telling me that they have passed my issue on to whmcs support and will get it fixed very soon. But again its been 48 hours now. What should I do? Buy a license from someone else? I do not want to name my hosting provider here at this time because I don't know if they are at fault or not.
Please suggest me.


  • This can be done instantly by logging into the WHMCS client area and clicking reissue.

  • OpZeOpZe Member
    edited January 2014

    I had a whmcs key reissued with a host today, took about 5 minutes from when i submitted the ticket :D

  • irmirm Member
    edited January 2014

    While you can't login to your admin area, everything else should be working fine and your clients should not have any issues as far as logging into the client area, paying invoices, placing new orders and so on as far as I know. As for unanswered tickets, you don't have your WHMCS set to send you an email when a client opens a new ticket? That's something you should probably look into doing in the future...

    Anyway, either give your host a bit more time to resolve the issue OR if you're really desperate, just purchase a license directly from WHMCS for the time being and take the ~$15.95 hit if you really insist on having a new license ASAP.

  • irmirm Member
    edited January 2014

    Jono20201 said: This can be done instantly by logging into the WHMCS client area and clicking reissue.

    I believe that's only doable if you purchased your license directly from WHMCS or are leasing one directly from WHMCS. If you obtained your license from a reseller or a host that provides a license for you, said host would need to submit a ticket to WHMCS or something along those lines to sort the problem out.

  • I am on a low budget and don't want to pay 16 $ for a damn whmcs license.
    Web hosting providers can provide whmcs licenses for as low as 8 $ a piece because they buy in bulk. But making me wait 48 hours for a reissue of key is just sloppy. Perhaps I should change provider. Been with host4geeks for about 6 months. This is the first time I am very disappointed. Its time to move on.

  • You could get a refund for the new licence for WHMCS later?

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