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Backblaze backup reddit IAmA
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Backblaze backup reddit IAmA

gnelgnel Member
edited March 2012 in General

There is an interesting IAmA on reddit about backblaze backup company:

I thought on posting this as they are providing interesting answers about their infraestructure, costs, services,etc. and also because there have been some threads about backup recently in LET.

Enjoy :-)


  • I would love for BB to run on linux. I used them for 2 years on a Windows machine and had zero complaints. The backups didn't lag at all.

  • lumaluma Member

    BackBlaze is neat, I use them for my mothers machine, Set it and forget it! Now and then she calls me because she deleted a file or spreadsheet accidentally and I just use help her use the restore feature and done!

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Veteran

    BB had a great article ontheir infrastructure:

    Alas, no Linux. So Crashplan for me.

  • I think i will stick with livedrive. i tried Others but they just dont have the great features livedrive does. Such as Media streaming/Webdav/FTP/etc

  • @raindog308 said: BB had a great article ontheir infrastructure:

    Awesome article, it's awesome to see the "small guy" doing things like this.

  • thank god reddit its not one of those silly cat and dogs post.

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