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Turbo boost
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Turbo boost

DanielMDanielM Member
edited March 2012 in General

Anyone have any idea how to enable intel turbo boost on a 2630QM?


  • karlkarl Member

    My laptop also has this cpu
    Mine does it when i run a game otherwise it runs at around 800mhz

  • What manufacturer is your laptop?

  • Found this:

    "By the way make sure that the Enhance Intel SpeedStep(R) Technology is disabled, since this feature will force the processor to run slower in order to save power consumption
    so if the Enhance Intel SpeedStep(R) Technology is enabled, the turbo boost will not work"

    "By going into the BIOS of the laptop and looking for the right option, usually it is called (EIST), but the name of the option might be changed by the laptop manufacturer so if you cannot find it, I would suggest contacting the laptop manufacturer so they can guide you on how to find it"


    Might be an idea...

  • I noticed something along the same lines. But the bios on this machine is very very basic. And i have not seen a turbo boost option. there is only a intel VT option.

  • It looks like it's a newer laptop; have you slapped Sony Support around a bit?

  • That's my last route. Cost too much to call em.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong turbo boost is auto controlled by the CPU/application. It "turbo boost" itself when the CPU detects high load or something and otherwise pretty much stays "dormant" when idling. I'm not sure if it's possible to stay on turbo boost all the time besides there isn't a point as it drains bat on laptops

  • Besides turbo boost is only for one or two cores. I.e. if you have one single threaded application, running on one core and the other cores are idle - then this core's frequency can be increased more than the nominal CPU frequency (for this CPU nominal frequency = 2GHz, turbo boost frequency = 2.9GHz, according to

  • @cosmicgate

    Correct but it doesn't work even when am using benchmark tools or Prime95 etc

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran
    edited March 2012

    Turbo boost can increase power if the TDP of the processor is below max and there is good need for computing power. It benefits single threaded applications a lot in the way that they use only one core and the other(s) being idle dont use much current so the turbo boost feature kicks in. In a benchmark it is unlikely to have much TDP to spare, so turbo boost will not engage often.
    Good cooling and single threaded apps will make turbo boost kick in fast/stay on forever.

  • @DanielM said: Cost too much to call em.

    Thats why I love dell, they will call you for free (:

    Thanked by 1netomx
  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    Meh, Sony is a real rip-off. Lenovo ftw!

  • @Infinity said: Meh, Sony is a real rip-off. Lenovo ftw!

    The lenovo high end machines are more business aimed this is more a gaming machine.

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