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Secure setup guide
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Secure setup guide

justinbjustinb Member
edited July 2011 in Help

Going to try my hand at the low end (this server only 768MB) - anyone know of a decent (secure) setup guide?

I'm seeing lots on the google but half of them are strangely old (debian 4?) and vulnerable to that try_files thing with nginx and setting up fcgi+apache results in strange rewrites (rewriting /index -> test.php would result in /index.jsp or .asp or whatever working which is strange)

I am a debian/freebsd user, rarely if ever touch centos.

Sorry, english not my first language


  • My nginx+php-fpm+MySQL install scripts for CentOS 5 and CentOS 6 have this security issue fixed. It's only using around 50mb on my 128MB KVM VPS with APC installed and MySQL tweaked for higher traffic.

  • Anything with apache? I kinda need mod_rewrite or some equivalent to it that can be changed by endusers

  • That try_files thing. So that explains why nginx complains when that's in the vhost config (the Tuxlite script puts it in there by default; I just comment it out).

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