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The Magic 8: WHMCS and CPanel
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The Magic 8: WHMCS and CPanel

nvrtrustnvrtrust Member
edited March 2012 in General

What happens if I register and in whmcs. How will the cpanel generate username for the second domain if cpanel has 8 characters limit?


  • jhjh Member

    I think it will tell you it's already taken and make you input something manually.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    I would assume it changes the 8th character to something unique. Granted, that would mean only 9 options are available :S


  • What about on the client's backend jtodd? I have tried it until before I pay in WHMCS and it didn't noticed about the possible conflict on username. Does it mean the automated setup will not proceed and will require intervention of the admin?

  • jhjh Member

    How do you have automatic setup configured? If it's setup after payment then you'll need to test it with a dummy payment.

    I think it will require the intervention of an admin to change the username. I haven't used WHMCS in some time though.

  • WHMCS also allows custom or random usernames for the cPanel module. Like @jtodd mentioned, if an order attempts to provision with an existing username the provisioning will fail, and require manual intervention.

  • @nvrtrust said: How will the cpanel generate username

    cPanel/WHM will take the 1st and last 4 to create a username, so you would have 1234acom and 1234bcom with the above domains.

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