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looking for dedicated server
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looking for dedicated server

BlazeMuisBlazeMuis Member
edited March 2012 in General

i know its not a leb but i need one

the max i can spend is 35 euros a month

it need atleast 2 core cpu
2+gb ram
disk doesnt matter
2tb+ traffic

i prefer europe location


  • jhjh Member


  • 1TB is not enough

    if i can get a good and fast VPS for $30-35 that would also be good

  • kimsufi, ovh, datashack, volumedrive

    Thanked by 1Infinity
  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep
    edited March 2012


    We have some unused stock in our DC and it looks like it would fit your needs well.

    2 Core CPU
    2GB Ram
    5TB Bandwidth
    1 x 160GB HDD
    100mb/s Port
    30 pounds per month.

  • @httpzoom i don't really thrust new companies

    Sorry :)
    Offer looks great though

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep


    That's no problem HTTP Zoom is a new brand for us and to LEB, so I completely understand the mindset.

    If you'd like to checkout our parent company HTTP Simple you'll see we've been around for a pretty decent amount of time :)

  • I'm also more then happy if someone could provide me a 4GB or more VPS for <$35

  • @joodle what's your plan with it? Gaming server? Big website?

  • @Raymii Game Servers :)

  • flyfly Member

    why would you need 4gb of ram for a game server

  • I want to run several game servers...

  • Maybe better to go with a specialized gameserver company.. Those things appear to be more likely to be attacked, as I've heard often. What games? Minecraft perhaps?

  • @Raymii

    CoD4 and MW3

  • JacobJacob Member

    Joodle message me, I can perhaps put you on a UK node. You would be the first to try it. ;)

    Let me know asap as I will be opening stock for UK in the next 72 Hours and we only have 30 spaces available.

    Specs: L5420, 12GB RAM, RAID 1.

  • AmfyAmfy Member

    Having two not-used Kimsufi Servers:
    Kimsufi 2G: Atom 330, new HDD
    Kimsufi Special Core 2 Duo, 2GB, 2*500gb hdd

    if interested for transfer -> PM

  • @jacob send u a PM

  • Have 1 unused dedicated server @ Chicago Continuum.

    TWO Xeon Quad Core L5420's = 8 Cores
    8GB RAM

    If you want it transferred, it's really cheap, $50/month.

  • @Amfy send you a PM

  • JacobJacob Member

    @Joodle Just letting you know if you plan on running 7 gameservers on a 2 - 4GB Atom, You will get a terrible performance and most likely a overall lousy network like most lowend servers.

  • @jacob
    I know, i don't want anything with a CPU that has less then 4.2 ghz together

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep


    For gameservers you may also want to let people know where you / your players will be located, no point having a mega spec'ed server in Seattle if your players are in the UK etc.

  • @httpzoom

    I said i want one in the EU -.-'

  • JacobJacob Member

    Look around for providers in the UK that have E3 / i7 CPUs for maximum performance. Not many run them proccessors on VPS Nodes in europe. Usually Dual E5's or a lower end 4 core cpu.

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep


    No problem. I meant being a bit more specific will help you in the long run. France/Germany/Holland is only 20-30ms further away than london for most of the UK, but that can be quite a big difference if all your players are UK based.

  • flyfly Member


    what game are u running?
    I run my urt servers on vps's and they work fine.

  • i3d is tooooo expensive

  • @Dionysus He was quite clear in his opening post, specs, budget and location...

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