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A 1024/2048 LEB? Hmmm...
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A 1024/2048 LEB? Hmmm...

raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Veteran
edited March 2012 in General

Someone mentioned this elsewhere...I've never dealt with them.

First 6 months are free...$15/month after that. That works out to $7.50/month for a year. I suppose just slightly above LEB criteria, but interesting.

Some here seem not so wild about them, though...

Anyway...just something I saw...and thought others might find LEB in the old days LOL


  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    They've had some bad reviews in the past, but checking on WHT etc. looks like there haven't been any bad reviews for a while. That certainly look like a good deal.

  • Reviews aside, from a financial point of view, this seems pretty sound as well if they handle their oversubscription properly (unlike some deadpool offers :-)

    cheers -

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    They're a fairly big dedicated server provider in Germany as far as I know, so they should be a bit more trustworthy than your average new offer.

  • They are actually far more trustworthy (in terms of deadpool/scam danger) than most providers around here since they are hosting over 30,000 dedicated servers in their own datacenter + more in the US and have over 100 employees. (according to Wikipedia).

    I ran a Minecraft server on their 3gb guaranteed/6gb burst server and didn't have any problems with downtimes, but occasionally there would be network problems or lags. However you have to keep in mind that you can only pay anually and that the only (!) ways to cancel the server is to send them a fax or a physical letter.
    Also they won't enable tun/tap unless you book their more expensive servers

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