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Good Value (Not Cheapest) VPS - West Coast Datacenter - Excellent Tech Support?
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Good Value (Not Cheapest) VPS - West Coast Datacenter - Excellent Tech Support?

jazeejazee Member

I was using Ramnode for several years but their hardware aged to being 5-6 years old (basically they sold to Inmotion just about the time they should have upgraded hardware). But their support and reliability was phenomenal. My benchmark tests showed Vultr to be by far the performance for the price but their support is pretty "hands off" - they wont SSH into your server give you help you pinpoint a problem where Ramnode, no problem. Racknerd I have my Wordpress sites running on a cheap Cpanel Shared Hosting plan. Been fine. Don't ever need to contact them. Ultahost (on now) is good value, support is pretty good but not as good as Ramnode and now I've had 2 or 3 outages of 20 minutes to a couple hours in the first 7 months using them. During these times their support is unresponsive as to confirming cause and estimated resolution time.

I'm running a business-critical app for business that operated 24/7 so I can't tolerate these outages. I have a hot spare but it's only to switch to as a last resort. But I can't decide if it's necessary to switch over if Ultahost leaves me int he dark!

So thinking of dumping them. These are my requirements:

Fast/Reliable Support - I don't need Managed Hosting but I need quick responses to confirm if a cause of an issue is data center network, VM Host Software/Hardware, or my VPS itself. And if the former two, gross estimate on time to rectify based on the severity of the issue.

Reliability - Which means necessity for #1 is like maybe once or twice a year where there's an outage more than 2 or 3 minutes.

Performance - Not overprovisioning their VM Hosts.

Price - Not the cheapest but not overpriced. Minimum 4GB/2vCPU not more than $25/month, ideally 6-8GB and 3-4 vCPU on the $30-$45 range (Linux).

Data Center - West Coast USA, preferably Oregon/Seattle but California is acceptable.

I know Racknerd is cheap cheap but what interaction I have had with support has been surprisingly good for the price.

Lots and lots of good thing about Hetzner but is their support fast during business hours in the USA when its 3AM in Germany? Will they login to the console and examine what's going on with your VPS at the O/S level?

Vultr refused to open port 25 which isn't a requirement but sure creates a lot of work for me modifying some apps to use a 3rd party email delivery service.


  • DataIdeas-JoshDataIdeas-Josh Member, Patron Provider

    @jazee said: Vultr refused to open port 25 which isn't a requirement but sure creates a lot of work for me modifying some apps to use a 3rd party email delivery service.

    Why use port 25 in the first place? It's unsecure.

    If its a needs to be up 100% SLA of the time I would do more of a multi node solution with different providers. So if/when one goes down it doesn't matter.

  • AdvinAdvin Member, Patron Provider
    edited June 25

    Hetzner is indeed 24x7 and they'll respond fast if it's a technical inquiry. However, I highly doubt that they would respond quick or even touch your VPS if you're asking something relating to the OS or software that you have running. A lot of VPS providers (especially budget) won't touch your VPS or login to the console to see what's going on at an OS level, they expect the client to be able to do that. If there is a problem/technical issue that is impacting service availability from their side, they are usually quick to fix it and send out emails. They are one of the best price-to-performance VPS out of any of the hourly billed cloud providers, almost 4-5x cheaper than Vultr.

    We will do it on occasion if the client requests it, usually if we suspect that there is an issue from our side.

    If you are running a business-critical operation, the best option would be to invest in some sort of multi-node solution. That way you can have multiple VPSs from different providers. If one starts having problems, then your application can just failover to another VPS. However, this adds a ton of complexity and you will need to hire experienced system administrators to do it.

    I would search for "Managed VPS," usually they come with 24x7 support and support that'll assist you with the software/OS that you're running on the VPS, but it comes at a premium. @KnownHostJared might be able to do it (

  • CaztielCaztiel Member

    @jazee When it comes to West Coast, I don't think there is any match to Crunchbits.

    Affordable, Pretty Good Uptime, Best Support. Best part - Discord Support is available too. They are friendly & pretty responsive with lot of experience.

    As for port 25, I belive they will open it but indeed like any other hosts no spamming allowed.

    Thanked by 1nick_
  • remyremy Member
    edited June 25

    Here's some advice, depending on how important server availability is to your business:

    Ideally, you need a high-availability setup, but this also requires software skills and can be more or less complicated, depending on your application.
    It's an investment.

    I think the best solution within your budget is to go with a hosting company that uses high-availability storage (like ceph) and supports automatic migrations in the event of a node failure.
    Or indeed, the simplest solution is to go for a basic vps from a hosting company renowned for its reliability, but in the event of a hardware failure this could take many hours. Whatever the provider.
    So betting on 2 incidents of 2 min per year with this solution seems a little optimistic over the long term, in my opinion.

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