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Self Host on Premise, Effortlessly -
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Self Host on Premise, Effortlessly -

chadsixchadsix Member, Patron Provider

Trust is not security. Yet, the only thing between your data and your host is trust!

Self Host, on premise, with

Using Cloud Seeder, our proprietary but open source application, your favorite open source appliances are just a click away. Say goodbye to manual setups!

Start hosting things like:

  • Wordpress
  • Mastodon
  • OpenWebUI
  • Code Server
  • Arr
  • Anonymizer
  • and more!

Please use this coupon to get 50% off one time: LET50OFFONETIME


  • RecDRecD Member

    You should mention price in the post, really.
    $5 for monthly, $40 for biannually, $30 for annually (after discount),
    Expensive than many VPSes with IPv6 connections, good luck.

  • chadsixchadsix Member, Patron Provider

    In the spirit of LET, we've changed our pricing:

    $6.95/month (@ 50% off = $3.47/month)
    $39.95 /year (@ 50% off = $1.66/month)
    $69.95 /2years (@ 50% off = $1.45/month)

    Coupon Code for 50% off one time: LET50OFFONETIME

    Thanked by 1Asim
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