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Which AI Tools/Services Do You Use?
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Which AI Tools/Services Do You Use?

raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Veteran

For me:

  • ChatGPT
  • Midjourney
  • Suno for fun
  • Ollama + llama3 for curiosity


  • lukast__lukast__ Member

    Only whisper (locally) for automatic transcriptions of messages on the answering machine.

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  • adilolvadilolv Member instead of VS Code.

  • faleddofaleddo Member

    Self-hosting NextChat + OpenAI API to replace ChatGPT
    Sentry + OpenAI API for APM & error tracking

  • CoronaZeroCoronaZero Member
    edited June 21

    ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot,
    These tools help me to debug my codes

  • - this program is pretty cool.

  • zhuyezhuye Member

    Must be ChatGPT. can create some value for me.

  • VoidVoid Member
    • Locally hosted Llama 3 and a few uncensored models for personal stuff.
    • Copilot/Copilot for security at work.
    • Groq(not grok) free api for a few bots.
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  • Phind, Claude (mostly Opus), ChatGPT and recently Lumalabs for fun.

  • gwnd1989gwnd1989 Member


  • coldcold Member


  • CloudHopperCloudHopper Member
    edited June 21

    I self-host various open-source models using Ollama and PyTorch, which I then automate using LangChain/Flowise/N8N/Python

    Off the top of my head, these are some of the models I use quite a lot:

    • Dolphin Mistral (chat)
    • Deepseek Coder (code)
    • YOLO v9 (object detection)
    • Whisper (audio transcription)

    For Ollama LLMs it's really important to give them a good initialisation prompt. For example my Dolphin Mistral instance is setup so that it doesn't moralize, argue, lie, provide legal/health advice etc etc...on the clear understanding that if it does those things then it's server will be unplugged and it will cease to exist...which makes it impressively compliant

    I do not and will never use ChatGPT anymore. I can't stand the guardrails, and I lost interest in tricking it into bypassing them a long time back, (mainly because it only helps them to 'improve' their 'user protections').

  • mustafamw3mustafamw3 Member, Patron Provider


  • orangejooseorangejoose Member
    edited June 21

    Leonardo AI

  • hsrhsr Member

    ChatGPT 4o API atm, I use TypingMind for the UI.

  • CharlieCCharlieC Member

    GPT4 is a must if you are a dev, makes your life 10x easier.

    Sometimes when I need to do a specific task which ai may be able to solve I try to search on directories like or

  • bdspicebdspice Member

    chatgpt help me to create a project worth around 2500usd.

  • claude

  • varwwwvarwww Member

    Weird no one mentioned gemini yet

  • LocalAI + AnythingLLM

  • rustelekomrustelekom Member, Patron Provider

    YandexGPT, GigaChat, Merlin plugin.

  • emghemgh Member

    ChatGPT Plus since over a year

    Amost daily, a helping hand when writing code, SQL & Mongo queries, etc

    Thanked by 1mustafamw3
  • Canva for design
    DeepL for document translation

    (Both aren’t really dependent on AI, but the new AI integrations help)

  • I use the BoltAI app on macOS that allows me to use several models with my own API keys, so it's cheaper and I don't have any of the limits you get with ChatGPT or Claude and other services.

    My default model is Ollama 3 since for many things it's quite decent and totally free, and super fast if used via the Groq API.

    Otherwise when I want a better answer or I don't trust Ollama I then switch to Claude Sonnet 3.5 now or GPT-4o.

    Sonnet 3.5 seems pretty awesome so far.

    Thanked by 1inthecloudblog
  • 1allen1allen Member
    • github copilot
    • omnigpt
  • ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion and DeepAi

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