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cPanel backup advice
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cPanel backup advice

rooduderoodude Member

Phasing out an old Dropbox account and need to re-do backups on 6 cPanel servers that I'll finish phasing out over the next year. I'll be sftping them to a local NAS. Right now, some are running a full weekly backup with database dumps nightly while others run incremental backups stored for 30 days. Pretty rare that we ever need to access them ... most of these are just brochure sites that don't change a ton so I am thinking incremental for 30 days is probably best. Good plan or no?


  • AndruAndru Member

    Hmm.. JetBackup and Acronis are rock solid!

  • Just295Just295 Member

    Something that we do is we have the servers all setup for a 7 daily, 4 weekly, 1 monthly. These are auto generated and dropped into a /backups folder that we then rsync to a offsite NAS, and then we also have a secondary backup setup with, I mount the bucket as /backups2 then every night I have a cron that runs that rsyncs the /backups to /backups2 so that there is a well third copy of the data.

    Currently idrive is having a killer sale for space. 10TB's is only $200 first year, then $400/year after that.


  • rooduderoodude Member

    Thanks for the reply, Anthony ... very similar to what I planned to do, even down to the idrive account. Andru, was going to try Acronis with one server but the download link is not working this morning. Sent them an email and hopefully they get it fixed. I like everything about jetbackup except paying for it. And it is a little overkill for what these boxes need.

  • Just295Just295 Member

    if your doing this more for yourself or a offsite storage/backup I have had zero issues with iDrive, and I even had to do a restore just last night and it worked perfectly.


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