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Wasm Hosting / PaaSs
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Wasm Hosting / PaaSs

vpn2024vpn2024 Member
edited June 11 in General

What's the current state of the market? I can deploy wasm at the three large clouds on a serverless basis, and Cloudflare, but I'm not seeing much else which is kind of surprising and a little disappointing, I expected there be more wasm based hosting PaaSs about. To be clear I'm talking server-side wasm. To PaaS orientated providers, are you currently exploring this up and coming market? Had any interest from potential customers?

Spare me the wasm is slow diatribe, lets keep this focus on hosting...


  • xmokxmok Member

    Do you mean something like

  • vpn2024vpn2024 Member

    @xmok said:
    Do you mean something like

    Hippofactory is interesting, especially as comes from Deis Labs, wow I didnt know MS bought Deis years ago. Also loked at WasmCloud and Cosmonic (based on WasmCloud), I suspect there's a few Wasm based Paas's in stealth incubation at the moment. Containerising via Docker is so heavyweight for just needing a predictable/stable runtime and isolation, I dont see Wasm based hosting replacing containers overnight but there's certainly going to be some market shfits.

  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    Ignorant dev does not understand what is wasm.
    We use native C++ compiled with -march=native for best performance.

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