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Planning to start selling VPS hosting and have two questions:
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Planning to start selling VPS hosting and have two questions:

Which is the best platform for creating VPS or cloud servers that supports WHMCS billing? If there is an exceptionally good platform that does not support WHMCS, I am open to considering that as well.

I need two data centers: one in Germany and one in the United States. These data centers should offer subnet announcement and an easy way to manage dedicated servers. Additionally, they should provide good support and competitive pricing.

Could you please provide guidance on these matters?


  • AndreixAndreix Member, Host Rep

    If your budget allows it, I'd advise you take a look at instead of WHMCS

  • sassliksasslik Member

    SummerHost's season has been started.

  • You can try virtualizer. their support is also very good.

  • OBHostOBHost Member, Host Rep


  • hsrhsr Member

    WHMCS for billing.

    As for the virtualisation and control panel, Virtualizer and SolusVM are both pretty good.

    (I haven't used either in some years however)

    Good luck.

  • SolusVM is a good option for virtualization. And WHMCS for billing.

  • ManishPantManishPant Member, Host Rep

    I will recommend WHMCS/Hostbillapp for billing & Virtfusion for control panel.

    Thanked by 1VirtFusion
  • rnsarnsa Barred

    Virtualizor and Hostbill are a good couple. Been with several hosts who use the same.

  • tenperatenpera Member

    Virtfusion all the way.

  • OBHostOBHost Member, Host Rep

    @hostingwalay if you find any good suggestions for DC in US/DE then let me know also..

  • Atomic_NetworksAtomic_Networks Member, Patron Provider
    edited June 11

    If you need a low priced solution in Chicago, US:

    Dual Xeon E5-2680v4 Dedicated Server

    Chicago, US

    2x 14 Cores (2.4Ghz | 3.3Ghz Max Turbo)

    256GB DDR4 RAM

    2x 1.92TB NVMe Storage

    Unmetered Bandwidth

    1 GBit Port

    1 IPv4 Address (additional IPs available for purchase, we do BYOIP and BGP sessions)

    $114.99/mo - Show Me More

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