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Dotdotnetwork- AMDepyc/Intel Platinum - Nvme SSD - Direct route to China via CU9929+CMIN2 39$/Year!
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Dotdotnetwork- AMDepyc/Intel Platinum - Nvme SSD - Direct route to China via CU9929+CMIN2 39$/Year!

dotdotnetworkdotdotnetwork Member, Patron Provider
edited June 10 in Offers

Hi Guys!
The characteristics of DOTDOTNETWORK are obvious, we produce high-end configured VPS and servers in Los Angels,it include and not only CPU AMD EPYC 7551、AMD EPYC 7702、Intel Platinum,NVME SSD,RAM DDR4.It is our goal to provide the best quality and most affordable products possible!

Why Dotdotnetwork?
-Our products feature the best hardware in the industry.
-Own Hardware and Network、ASN,We refuse to resell products!
-Our technical team and sales team have been working in the industry for more than ten years.
-We are committed to long-term business
-All products are clearly priced, no hidden fees in any situations.of course,No any set up fees!
-We protect the privacy of our guests, you don’t need to do any verification for your account.
-Whether it's a server or a VPS, they all support Control Panel with Reboot,、Reinstall、VNC、Remote、etc,
-If you need to extend your business to China, we can gladly tell you that we have high-quality Chinese routing!
-Not just the server and VPS,we sell IP Transit and IPv4 rent.
-Want a host you can't find on the market?We support customized hosting plans tailored for you!

You can contact me via:
E-mail:[email protected]

Our Social media:
Telegram Channel:

I will excitedly share with you our company's VPS products that has high-end hardware and up to 25% discount for the first month in Los Angeles!They have excellent route quality to China!

The payment methods we support include Alipay、Paypal、USDT

Hyper-v - AMDepyc/Intel Platinum - Direct route to China via CU9929 + CM CMIN2 - Bandwidth Unlimited - Los Angeles:
Centos、Ubantu、Debian、Windows Supported

CPU:AMD EPYC/Intel Platinum 1 cores
Hard Disk:40G NVME SSD
IPV4:1 Dedicated IPv4 Address
Qzhost Control Panel - Reboot, Reinstall,VNC& much more
$39.00USD Annually

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  • someversomever Member



  • What would you do with 3M??

  • lirrrlirrr Member

    go back to that forum if you want to advertise here with that bandwidth lmaoooooo

  • ehhthingehhthing Member

    @somever said:



    1Mbps of CN2 is $50/m so this is comparatively a steal :P

  • CalmDownCalmDown Member


    Interesting, can you give me more Ubantu, please? I wanna ubantu myself.

    Thanked by 1Frameworks
  • jasonxujasonxu Member

    why don't i choose dmit with 1gbps 39.9usd

  • JonesJones Member

    Bandwidth:3M? Seriously??
    Are you sure this isn't a joke? ;)

  • hyunhyun Member

    Friend, you don’t fit in here. I suspect you think everyone else is a fool.

  • dotdotnetworkdotdotnetwork Member, Patron Provider

    The cost of China CU9929 or China mobile CMIN2 is 4USD/M, so it's not expensive as you guys think.

  • dotdotnetworkdotdotnetwork Member, Patron Provider

    Both of the bandwidth in US which route to china is not cheap,
    For reference below:

    China Telecom via AS4134: 0.42usd/m
    China Telecom via AS4809: 6usd/m
    China Unicom via AS4837: 0.42usd/m
    China Unicom via AS10099: 4usd/m
    China Mobile via AS58807: 4usd/m

  • dotdotnetworkdotdotnetwork Member, Patron Provider

    @jasonxu said:
    why don't i choose dmit with 1gbps 39.9usd

    its traffic is limited,so it's not cheap, of course ,if you like to get a big port ,it's a good choose

  • dotdotnetworkdotdotnetwork Member, Patron Provider

    @hyun said:
    Friend, you don’t fit in here. I suspect you think everyone else is a fool.

    No, the fool one is me!

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