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Cogent Messing with DNS Root Servers?!
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Cogent Messing with DNS Root Servers?!

DataIdeas-JoshDataIdeas-Josh Member, Patron Provider

A tad late to the party. But erm... I wonder if due to all of the Depeering that Cogent has been doing???

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  • JosephFJosephF Member

    The cause is unknown.

  • host_chost_c Member, Patron Provider
    edited May 26

    Follow the money, it usually leads you to the truth.

    My best guess is that Cognet is not paying its peers and staff, hence the broken links, and its late problems.

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  • kaitkait Member

    Imagine running a DNS Root singlehomed Cogent, the IPv6 isn't even reachable from HE.

  • Why is that sync not monitored...

    Why are they still part of the 13 club if even single homed

    Is this some weird tantrum for money?

  • JosephFJosephF Member
    edited May 26

    Cogent and its predecessor, PSINet, have run a root server for over 35 years.

  • conceptconcept Member

    I have a vps with a hosting provider that has Datapacket/CDN77 and Cogent as their upstream. Thank god for Datapacket or else I would be stuck with this Cogent mess.

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