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Help Needed: VMs Can't Access Internet on Colocrossing VM ESXi 1yr special deal
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Help Needed: VMs Can't Access Internet on Colocrossing VM ESXi 1yr special deal

Hello everyone,

I recently signed up for the 1-year special deal from Colocrossing with VM ESXi. I requested an additional IP address apart from the dedicated IP used for VM ESXi management. Despite my efforts, I can't get any VM to access the internet with the temporary IP.

Here's a summary of my setup and the issues I'm facing:

ESXi Setup: Single physical NIC
Management IP: Dedicated and working (2x.x.xx.x/30)
Temporary IP: Extra IP assigned (9.x.xx.x/30)
Attempts Made:
pfSense: Tried setting up pfSense as a firewall/router, but VMs still can't reach the internet.
Direct Assignment: Assigned the temporary IP directly to the VMs without success.
vSwitch Configuration: Created an extra vSwitch but realized I can't connect two vSwitches to one NIC.
Port Groups: Created two port groups, one for management and one for WAN. Assigned the static IP (9.x.x.x.x) to the WAN group inside the VM.
Despite these attempts, the VMs can't access the internet. I've tried various configurations and followed numerous online guides, but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone faced a similar issue or can provide guidance on how to properly configure this setup? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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