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Looking for VPS in the SG JP HK (Ryzen 5950X or better and AMD EPYC Milan) - Page 2
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Looking for VPS in the SG JP HK (Ryzen 5950X or better and AMD EPYC Milan)



  • @dev_vps said:

    @anubhavhirani said:

    @dev_vps said:

    @anubhavhirani said:

    @dev_vps said:
    However this SG VPS failed in my use case, so won't be renewing at the end of the month

    I have purchased one from Akile for $14 per year, I do not like the performance, there is high iowait and CPU steal as well but can't complain much considering the price and my use case is only a simple API along with 2 Discord bots.

    The cpu kind makes a big difference.

    My VPS has Ryzen 7950x, so even with cpu steal, it has pretty good computing power.

    I agree my GB6 score is around 800 I guess I don't remember, I have posted in LET YABS thread if you want exact numbers, but quite decent for my use case, unsure how long Akile Cloud will last, I'm satisfied for now.

    Just for sake of testing the VPS computing power, I installed Windows on it along with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to connect with SQL Server DB Engine installed on Linux VPS.

    It is running reasonably good.

    Windows OS running on 1 vCore Ryzen 7950x / 1GB memory / 10 GB storage

    They have a different hardware in SG.

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