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VPS for sending email - NO SPAM!
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VPS for sending email - NO SPAM!

Dear all,

I need VPS for sending emails - NO SPAM! - at vpsace they said that they don't allow mailing and I don't want to break some rules. I will send legitimate emails with reverse spam assassin gateway ...

I don't want to use mailgun or others - I want to have control over my emails.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks!


  • eLohkCalbeLohkCalb Member
    edited January 2014

    Don't do it if you're using the VPS for email marketing purposes.

    Legitimate email marketing costs a lot of money in infrastructure setup. You will need multiple IP addresses as some servers tend to reject emails if the incoming volume is huge from the same IP, and you will also need to do white-listing with a lot of ISP and mail providers.

  • How many emails per day, would they comply to the CAN-SPAM act and be sent to opt-in subscribers?

  • k0nslk0nsl Member
    edited January 2014

    You might want to give @DrServer a try, or ask him if he's willing to have it, just be sure that you can keep your mail server under control and all that. I don't see a problem if everything is kept under control.
    I also want my own e-mails to be managed only by myself, except for absolutely unimportant stuff, which I keep at Gmail and similar providers.

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  • davidstrejcdavidstrejc Member
    edited January 2014

    As I've said - I want to implement reverse SPAM filter on my own VPS box - I need one box for now to have all my email traffic tunneled there over OpenVPN - so this host will serve as my primary mail gateway - I want to host many Joomla!, Drupal and other sites on many VPS boxes for my clients allaround the world and you know "chinese hackers" ... I don't wan't to send spam at any cost! I will limit connections and so on I need to read something about this topic but I need a legitimate host for doing so.

    For now lets say around 10k emails/day. But it can be 100k in a short time. And yes - I will implement anything to stop spamming.

  • davidstrejc said: For now lets say around 10k emails/day. But it can be 100k in a short time. And yes - I will implement anything to stop spamming.

    At 100k emails per day you should be using a dedicated mailing provider or setting up your own infrastructure. That is a major operation and I don't believe that it's not SPAM.

    Many people believe because they're not sending Nigerian 409's it's not SPAM but even if you're following CAN-SPAM guidelines your emails will be marked as SPAM and major email providers such as Yahoo and GMAIL will rate limit your connections.

    I can't speak for everyone but the headache caused by getting IPs blacklisted wouldn't be worthwhile to me for the <$7 a month you pay.

  • AlexanderMAlexanderM Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    "Username davidstrejc Joined 4:47PM"

    I think the fact you have said "NO SPAM" in every post, sums it up.

  • akzakz Member

    lol 100k emails no spam.

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    nunim said: Yahoo and GMAIL will rate limit your connections.

    Without question, without any discussion. I don't blame them, but they are ruthless in their rate limiting. The only way is to rotate a very large set of IPs and the hoops to jump through to get that, for this purpose, by rental would be quite exhausting.

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