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Digital Ocean like control panel for your VPS / Dedicated Server - Beta Access
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Digital Ocean like control panel for your VPS / Dedicated Server - Beta Access

wtgwarriorwtgwarrior Member, Patron Provider
edited April 6 in General

I am building modern VPS / Dedicated server management tool which will give you digital ocean like experience but for your own VPS / Dedicated server.

Here is how it works ..

  • Connection Options: Connect your bare metal provider account (e.g., Vultr, Equinix, Hetzner) or manually connect your nodes (VPS or dedicated server) using SSH.

  • Automatic Setup: The system automatically sets up the management stack on your nodes, preparing your metal cloud. Management system is a lightweight distribution of Kubernetes so you are not locked to anything.

  • No Lock in At any point you can stop using the service and manage it directly as well.

  • Application Deployment: Create applications in supported languages or frameworks, or deploy any Docker-based application, including most popular open source CMS and softwares.

  • Databases and Storage: Add databases or persistent storage solutions like Redis,
    PostgreSQL, or NVMe disks.

  • Domain and SSL: Assign a default hostname or a custom domain with automatic SSL setup.

  • Scalability: Resize your application by adding additional CPU or RAM as needed.

  • Autoscaling: Implement autoscaling to seamlessly handle varying loads.

  • Monitoring and Logs: Manage environment variables and access streaming logs for real-time monitoring.

  • Deployment Options: Enable git-based automatic deployments for streamlined updates, or manually update versions.

I am happy to give priority beta access to 50 members here when this is launched (soon!).

Comment here and i will DM.

Here is the link to check the demo - (no signup needed).



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