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Seeking a high-level network provider in the United States.
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Seeking a high-level network provider in the United States.

danblazedanblaze Member

I am running a self-hosted CDN network, and DDoS protection is not a top priority for me, but I hope to have a well-connected network in the United States.

What are the standards? In Europe, I use Hybula, their network is advanced.

In the United States, I use Crunchbits and Oplink, and overall, I have not encountered any network issues. However, the situation now is that some users have poor connectivity (mainly in Asia and South America), so I am looking for some high-quality network providers.

Considering that my origin server is located in the western United States, I hope the geographical location is close to this. It is preferable to be in Seattle, Los Angeles, or San Jose, and other options are also being considered.

I am looking for a suitable VPS with high traffic, over 20TB. Do you have any recommendations?

I have tried Hetzner Cloud's US nodes, but they did not work out.

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  • sh97sh97 Member

    @Hivelocity has a pretty good network in America, and has a location in Miami (probably good for South America) and Los Angeles (good for Asia)

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  • psychz has a location in LA and more among the west coast - I dont have a VPS recommendation per say but they sell sub $20 a month dedicated servers with unmetered bandwidth
    For example:

  • MrRadicMrRadic Patron Provider, Veteran

    Miami for South America
    Los Angeles for Asia

  • conceptconcept Member
    edited March 24

    I would definitely go for ReliableSite Miami location for South America. They have peering with a lot of South America providers most notably Brazil.

    OVH or Psychz should be good too, Psychz does have servers in Brazil.

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