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Snapchat hacked!
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Snapchat hacked!

Looks like snapchat was hacked and a big database with a lot of phone numbers and usernames was leaked.

Here is a quick tool to check if your account was leaked or not:


  • Why am I not surprised?

  • This has been a long time coming. There we reports about this a couple of months ago. Apparently an editor from techcrunch also used snapchat.

    The api was so open that everyone could collect such a db

  • AlexanderMAlexanderM Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    Congratulations, Looks like your username was not hacked!

    woop woop.

  • Could someone explain me why it is considered hacked, if the info is public via the API?

  • There is no official API. Instead, the underlying API used internally by Snapshat apps was reverse-engineered. Through that it became apparent that API was exploitable.

    Thanked by 1Makenai
  • Yeah right now they have masked the last two digits of the phone numbers but they said they would release it if they needed to. And looks like their hosting provider suspended their website.

  • i got hacked ... bonkers!

  • Meh mine looks ok.

  • Well maybe they should have sold to facebook after all!

    Thanked by 1Asim
  • Yeah they turned down 3 billion. I don't think they would even get 3 million now

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