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Searching for 8H8G VPS in the western United States
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Searching for 8H8G VPS in the western United States

port 25 yes
1Gbps - 1TB
1IPv4 Los Angeles
My budget is only between $50-90 年付

The service provider can limit the performance from 8 cores to 4 cores. However, on the surface, I must require 8 cores

I hope to find a stable service provider

Thanked by 1davide


  • HostHatch has (no aff)

    • 8 AMD EPYC Milan core (3 dedicated, 5 fair-shared cores)
    • 32 GB DDR4 RAM
    • 125 GB NVMe Storage
    • 8 TB bandwidth (4TB in HKG, TOK, SYD, SGP)
    • Los Angeles United States

    For $29 / month. See product specs (aff)
    Multiple IPv4 / IPv6 can be added.

  • @davide said: For $29 / month

    OP's budget is $50-90/yearly(年付 means yearly)

  • davidedavide Member
    edited February 29

    Ohh. Then I think the location needs to be let go to fit into that budget.

    Edit: wait a moment, if you also need 8 dedicated cores then there is no way on earth.

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